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Per "Immunobiology" 5th edition text book a safe and effective vaccine must:

1. Not result in illness or death. (Covid Vaccine cannot make this guarantee and VAERS proves this.)

2. Must protect against exposure to illness. (Covid19 vaccine does not prevent infection or transmi…

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It is hyperbole to claim that people are upset your list of words is wrong. In fact, it's a bit intellectually dishonest.

It's not that hard to convey, "Be Kind to Each Other."

Coronado kids get how to be kind to each other. IN fact, the only problems are being created by teh …

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No. That's crazy.

Who is the "little advisor" mentioned in the text messages. This might be important.

Thank you for sharing.

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Thank you for sharing.

No Place for Hate has garnered attention because it is the propaganda arm of Israel, which is currently in the process of a Palenstinian genocide. Nothing could be more hateful than genocide. Race baiting is the standard propaganda tactic of the ADL, where, in truth, they are the ones who…

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If only the School Board members refrained from acting belligerent and hostile, you'd have a point. The parents are not the problem. The policies are the problem. The race baiting is the problem.

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The election was fraudulent. Dominion Voting data that was leaked proves it. Not only does it prove it, it shows that they are in league with SmartMatic, MicroVote and every other voting machine and voting software company. They merely rotate employees and give the illusion of competition…

She is being hidden by the current administration, but Susan Davies is the one running the DoJ, behind the scenes. She is giving these marching orders against parents and she should be removed immediately. A Sidley Austin stooge and CIA plant, she protects monopolistic elements and steers…