What saddens me is reading letters to the editor from people who, despite all the discussion, continue to promote “equity, inclusion and diversity” as these terms are currently implemented and defined. The same people are critical of concerned parents and grandparent who take the time to attend board meetings and express their desire that Coronado schools focus on providing a high-quality education to all students rather than become centers of social justice indoctrination.

It is critical that people understand the difference between equality and equity. Equality speaks to offering students (of all races and genders) equal opportunities to accomplish all that the can achieve, while equity refers to the need to achieve equal outcomes for all. The equity goal results in schools (such as Patrick Henry High School in San Diego) eliminating AP and advanced placement classes - because everyone cannot participate in these and because enrollment in these classes might have more students of a particular race in attendance. The result of equity-driven decisions in education is limited opportunities for all students. The concepts of “diversity” and “inclusion” in this context are meaningless.

Kurt Vonnegut Jr. authored a short story entitled “Harrison Bergeron” in which he warned that “equity” creates serious problems and can bring with it many dangers. In this story, in order to achieve equity (equal outcomes), the beautiful have to wear ugly masks or disfigure themselves. The intelligent must listen to shrieking noises that impair their ability to think and the athletic have to wear restraining weights around their necks. As a result, citizens begin to dumb themselves down and hide any unique talents. Equity is realized at the cost of freedom and individual achievement - to the detriment of society.

America is a nation of immigrants from diverse countries and cultures, who all potentially have much to offer to our schools and community so long as they are given an equal opportunity to do so - which is the mandate of our public schools.

How sad to promote equity which, by definition, eliminates the beauty of diversity and inclusion.

VOL. 112, NO. 17 - April 27, 2022

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jim orourke

These comments are simply brilliant. They place the misguided equity idea in full relief showing how harmful it is to fairness and societal development. Amazing how a simple word can be distorted and weaponized by progressives to gain more power in the cultural/racial wars. Thank you!

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