I am 67 and I think most people are as confused about pronouns as I am and that’s OK. Personal pronouns are used today much differently than when I was growing up. Back then, pronouns were pretty much just a part of learning grammar, punctuation, and spelling, while today personal pronouns are used to demonstrate respect, acceptance, and inclusivity. The younger generation has been pushing this to the forefront because this generation wants to show they respect the LGBTQ community. When I was growing up, we tried to ignore the existence of the LGBTQ population and were successful until HIV/AIDS emerged in the mid-80s. Even then, it wasn’t until we found out straight people could get infected and die that most people I knew paid much attention to HIV/AIDS. Today, the truth is young people view gender identity much differently than we old folks do, and with laws and workplace rules changing, this generation will need to understand this new use of pronouns before they leave town and face the world over the bridge. Just like the 1960s when our parents and grandparents thought long-haired hippies would destroy civilization, pronouns will likely become a non-issue nobody even remembers. There simply is no reason to make a mountain out of what history likely will show is just a molehill. If we are truly concerned about academic achievement in our schools, let’s please not waste precious school board time talking about pronouns.

VOL. 112, NO. 37 - Sept. 14, 2022

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No, no one in the younger generation is pushing for this. This is yet another moronic creation of privileged white adults in academia on the far left, and THEY are pushing it on kids and telling them how it shows respect and inclusivity. And, of course, with all things left, if you don't agree to have words put in your mouth, YOU are disrespectful and the problem. I'm sorry you overlooked people with AIDS, but this has nothing to do with AIDS or respect for LGBTQ people. This is a free speech issue, period. It's pretty easy. You believe in freedom of speech, or you don't. If you're someone who is going to try to tell me how you will be spoken to, don't bother, you're somebody I don't need to talk to. I understand your desire to have everyone look past this since it's yet another effort of the left to restrict speech, but some of us consider the first amendment kind of important.


Young people have no problem with gender fluidity, differences in sexuality or pronouns. It's parents and grandparents and like you said, they need to get over it.

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