A number of Coronado homeowners are celebrating with the gifted all trades handy man who keeps our old houses in top shape. This month his beautiful 27 year old daughter is doing her PhD dissertation in Mechanical Engineering. She also is one of the Dreamers from Mexico. Exactly the kind of new citizen we need to keep coming here to replace the dim wits we are just discovering among us. The kind who stupidly follow the orders of a disgraced ex-president. Who confuse public safety regulations with traditional American freedoms.

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"Dreamers" get their name from the DREAM Act, a bill that aimed to grant legal status to young immigrants residing in the U.S. unlawfully after being brought in by their parents.

If I am understanding the rich and affluent lady from Coronado, she want to to celebrate the 27 year old who currently lives in America illegally, was brought to America by her family according to government definition, most likely her parents and that would be her Dad, the "handi-man" who has been servicing the old rich homes of Coronado for years. My Contractor friends need a license, they must pay workmen compensation, business insurance, employment tax, etc... If he wants to make to $15 per hour he needs to charge more than double! He came to America legally! This privileged elitist would like to lecture law biding citizens who play by the rules while the homes in Coronado are allowed to repaired and manicured for pennies on the dollar. Mean while my wife comes to America, learns English in 3 months, never went on any form of public assistance, studied to pass all the tests to get licensed in the State, is called a "dim wit".

Yet the President of choice, Obama, who had the executive branch, and both houses of legislature, and a path to pass any law, failed to provide the "dreamers" with any type of legislative solution. The problem is more important to the "Left" than the solution! And having cheap labor is more valuable and important to the rich Island home owners who would rather lecture decent Americans who play by the rules. The hypocrisy is typical.

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