In an attempt to mislead the community a very small group of residents continues to misrepresent the meaning of equity in an educational setting. Equity is all about fairness and has nothing to do with social indoctrination as one writer recently stated…and who among us does not believe all students should be treated fairly. 

Here is a very simple way to understand the relationship between equal opportunity, equality, and equity. Equal opportunity means everyone gets invited to run a mile and nobody is excluded. Equality is when every runner is given a pair of size 12 running shoes. Equity is when every runner is given a pair of running shoes that fit their feet. All this does is make the run fair for everyone. 

Some specific examples of equity at work in an educational setting include a child with poor vision being given large print textbooks, a child with special needs being given an IEP and a classroom aide, or a child with dyslexia being given extra time to complete an exam. Equity allows schools to fairly meet the needs of every child so every child has the tools they personally need to succeed. Equity in education has absolutely nothing to do with indoctrination and to imply it does is false and misleading.

Furthermore, equity does not eliminate the beauty of diversity and inclusion, it illuminates both and brings the beauty of diversity and inclusion into the light. Every child is unique and has unique needs. Equity in education simply insures that every child receives the support they need to feel safe and welcome and treated fairly.

VOL. 112, NO. 18 - May 4, 2022

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Wrong. Equal opportunity is everyone running the mile. Equality is everyone given shoes that fit. Equity is everyone waiting at the finish line for the slowest runner and everyone being given that time as their "achievement." Giving dyslexics more time to take a test is not "equity," it is equal opportunity. It is giving them the correct amount of time, i.e. the correct size shoes, to complete the test. Equity is all about the outcome. Most people understand this and do not want to wipe achievement off the scale for those hard working students, including dyslexics, who work hard to achieve the reward they deserve.


Since you seem to be an expert on this topic, would you please point out where I said or implied that fairness aka equity means everyone finishes a fair race with the same time?

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