Arizona businessman Keith Mishkin has proposed a massive hotel complex on North Grand Caribe Isle in the Coronado Cays. I attended a promotional “open house” for the proposed project on November 3 in the Cays, along with more than 200 fellow Coronado residents. Attendees were appalled by Mishkin’s plans which show the proposed hotel complex as row after row of hideous boxy structures (42 now depicted) that strongly resemble enormous shipping containers.

The hotel is proposed for bayside Public Trust land on North Grand Caribe Isle administered by the Port of San Diego and leased to Mishkin for boat storage. This is not private property. When Mishkin’s lease expires in 2034, the Port has slated it for rezoning as open space so that it can become part of the Port’s “green necklace” of parks around San Diego Bay to be enjoyed by all.

Mishkin’s hotel proposal is obviously not in the public interest. Not only is it a design disaster, but it is smack in the middle of our residential community in the Cays. That distinguishes it from any other hotel around the Bay. As such, it would harm the community by crowding Cays roads with guest and service vehicles, adding to existing parking problems, creating excessive noise and night light, eliminating bay views and harming wildlife habitat.

The proposal has no community support, judging from overwhelming social media condemnation and from formal written opposition by the Coronado Cays Homeowners Association and the Coronado Cays Yacht Club. Moreover, the City of Coronado has formally opposed all past development proposals for the property. Don’t be fooled by Mishkin’s attempt to defuse criticism by changing the name of the proposed project from “Cays RV Resort” to “Cays Cottages.” From all appearances it is the same unwanted hotel proposal and would have the same ruinous consequences.

The real story here is an investor who wants to build a large eyesore hotel on uniquely scenic property that should be preserved in the public interest as a park and Coronado’s strong opposition to his proposal. The Port of San Diego has rejected several prior development proposals for North Grand Caribe Isle and should reject Mishkin’s proposal as incompatible with the surrounding community.

VOL. 112, NO. 46 - Nov. 16, 2022

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Mj baja

So who’s opposing. Coronado who doesn’t want to lose revenue to people going south to Cays rather than spending money in Coronado. Or if coro do residents oppose. Then I would agree with them having had been resident of Cays many years because we preferred the Cays to buying in Coronado. Residents of Cays are smart people and have a wonderful jewel to live. Away from the bustle of town Coronado. I’m sure they will know what’s right and it’s for them to decide. Mary Fisher. Past resident Coronado Cays

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