Last Tuesday, the Coronado School Board voted 4 - 1 not to appeal the California Interscholastic Federation’s rejection of our appeal, stripping the Islanders of their 2021 Basketball Championship. Trustee Stacy Keszei stood alone in her continued support for our boys.

This capitulation was as predictable as it was disgraceful.

The Board’s surrender and CUSD’s appeal to the CIF were both fake “show” events, intended to justify CUSD’s original narrative that the tortilla incident was evidence of deep rooted bias in our children and our community. 

Superintendent Mueller and the District’s ineffective legal team chose to withhold from the Appeal Panel the District’s taxpayer-funded investigation. The Appeal Panel was, “troubled that CUSD … elected to neither seek permission to produce the investigation report or actually produce the report in advance of the hearing.” What inference would one expect from the CIF panel when the District failed to provide decision makers with their investigation, which was completed in September? More egregiously, the 700-page investigation was not provided to the School Board Trustees to review before they decided not to appeal CIF’s ruling.

Prior to the Board’s vote, Trustee Whitney Antrim’s husband Kenan Gultekin said, “It’s time to start the healing process, and it’s time to move forward.” He said that means “taking some responsibility for the fact that two high school basketball players threw tortillas at students from the other team” which he called “unacceptable.” He made no mention of the fact that his wife’s friend Luke Serna, a 40 year old, Hispanic adult, and then fellow Democrat Club member, brought the tortillas to the game and handed them out to the boys, saying it would be a fun way to celebrate their victory. Or that the only two young boys who followed Luke Serna’s suggestion were not even part of the varsity team. Or that his wife collaborated with Luke Serna in crafting a statement that she promised would keep him completely anonymous. See

And it should come as no surprise that it was the rush to judgement by Superintendent Mueller and the Governing Board, before any formal investigation was conducted, that was cited most strongly by the Appeal Panel as their basis for finding the tortilla incident to be “an act of racial animus” worthy of punishment:

“Here, CUSD Superintendent Mueller referred to the throwing of the tortillas as ‘reprehensible’ and as an act of ‘bias’ stating that ‘[t]here is no denying that the incident caused offense and subjected our guests and Coronado residents present to feelings related to discrimination. We cannot diminish what transpired or the significance of the interpretation of the tortillas.’ The CUSD Board referred to it as ‘…egregious, demeaning, and disrespectful’ and ‘…fully condemn[ed] the racism, classism, and colorism…’ involved. Thus, CUSD interpreted the incident the same way it was received by the Orange Glen community.”

Know this: There will be no forgetting, no “moving forward,” no healing, until all the facts behind this convoluted tale of adult deceit, deception, and cowardice are established, documented, and presented to our community. It will take time and tenacity, but the truth will come out. Truth always comes out. Be patient, be unwavering, and insist upon the truth. The Coronado community and young men who earned their championship title deserve nothing less.

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Depriving this Team their championship while ignoring the evidence that strongly suggests that Luke Serna and a Board member had planning discussions before and during and after this "Tortilla" event is unconscionable and immoral. If Board Members believe there is a need for racial sensitivity training in their school systems, if they believe the Coronado people have racial blind spots that "No Place for Hate" curriculum would help to alleviate they should present their case and debate it and win support of the people of their community.

This Team did not deserve this sabotage by devious and corrupt people who would sacrifice their children's reward for their own political utopia. This multi racial basketball team which elected a minority as team captain was living out Martin Luther King's dream, until a few members of your Island elites came to destroy it!

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