I’d like to take a moment to commend all of the local candidates running for office and address a bizarre and divisive conspiracy theory being promoted by a small group of individuals.

Coronado has a high standard of evaluating candidates that includes experience, vision for our community, and policy positions. This standard makes representing our community a truly special honor.

Recently, a small group of individuals, created a bizarre and divisive conspiracy to smear several upstanding members of our community as “white supremacists” that are attempting to promote a hidden partisan agenda to take over the schools and city.

I am used to these types of baseless attacks, but when I see other members of our community being bullied and treated unfairly, I feel compelled to speak up.

The small group making the accusations do not reference any policy position, background, or statement made by the actual candidates to support their gross smear. Instead, they attempt to slander all of the local candidates based on the words and actions of individuals loosely affiliated with a voter guide from an outside group that none of the candidates were familiar with and few in Coronado had even heard of. Inexplicably, the group does not target their smear towards the other candidates of their own political party that appeared on the same voter guide and would also represent Coronado.

Attempting to smear upstanding community members that are volunteering to run for office, based on the words and actions of others that are unaffiliated with the campaigns is intellectually lazy and far beneath the Coronado standard. It is certainly not a standard the small group applies to themselves or the candidates they support.

All of the candidates deserve to be judged based on their experience, vision for our community, and policy positions.

For what it is worth, I personally know each candidate running for city council: John Duncan, Marvin Heinze, Carrie Downey, and Pilialoha Estall. Each candidate has a good heart and is well-intentioned. Although we may have policy differences, I would personally vouch for the character of each one of these individuals.

I do not personally know all of the candidates running for school board, but I do know Renee Cavanaugh, Geri Manchin, Stephanie Anderson, Scot Youngblood, Lisa Meglioli, and Helen Anderson-Cruz. I may have policy differences with some of these candidates, but I trust each one of them and would also personally vouch for their respective character. As far as the other candidates, I do not know them on a personal level, but I have not seen anything that would make me question their character or intent.

To all of the candidates, I applaud you for having the courage to stand up and run for office to represent our community. Thank you for keeping your campaign focused on the issues and your vision for Coronado. I look forward to working with whomever gets elected to help make our community even better than it is today.

VOL. 112, NO. 43 - Oct. 26, 2022

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Indeed, well put Mr. Mayor.

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