I am wondering what Coronado school board members believe to be the purpose of public schools. Academic instruction? Or political indoctrination?

For hundreds of years people have accepted that schools should teach our children academic disciplines and critical thinking so they can be prepared to succeed in our society. But in recent years, many schools have quietly adopted a new objective—political indoctrination.

If that truly is to be the purpose of our schools, then it should be placed squarely on the table, so that the taxpayers who are funding the schools can decide if that is how they want to spend their money. The indoctrination should not be imposed by way of secret agendas that have not been voted on. That is undemocratic and unethical.

Among other things, Coronado’s superintendent and school board have introduced Marxist CRT doctrines to our kids via No Place for Hate. Teachers have asked for students’ preferred pronouns. Recently, the school board decided to finance district employees’ attendance at a conference in Las Vegas featuring workshops entitled Social Justice Arts Education; Drag Queen Story Time, Get the T on Pronouns; The Importance of a Gender-Identity Sexual Orientation Inclusive Environment in Education; and Arts Integration as an Equity Pedagogy.

These are not accepted academic curricula. They are political ideologies.

Now, you may believe these ideologies are valid. Fair enough. Put them squarely on the table and let the voters vote on them. State clearly that you are in favor of Critical Race Theory, current gender theories, the sexualization of children, Marxism, equity of outcomes, and whatever other progressive theories you advocate. But do not impose them on the children of your taxpayers who are funding these activities — without their consent.

Moreover, while many talk vigorously about diversity, our education system has a marked lack of diversity in the most critical area of all — political perspectives. Schools used to be havens of free thought, where students could critically examine different philosophies and learn how to choose from among them. Now, the education establishment seems to actively suppress and disparage any views other than progressive.

Imposing one political position has always been a sign of tyranny. If you, dear board members, are in favor of diversity of views, make that clear, and state what you are doing to foster that position. If you are not in favor of that, say so clearly, so the voters can decide.

Tyranny or Democracy? It is my hope that you and/or the next school board will be supporters of democracy and eliminate partisan politics and blatant social indoctrination from Coronado’s classrooms.

VOL. 112, NO. 38 - Sept. 21, 2022

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Beautifully written as usual Anne.


"Among other things, Coronado’s superintendent and school board have introduced Marxist CRT doctrines to our kids." CRT is not taught in any K-12 public school in the country. It's one thing if you believe all this, but it is not acceptable for any member of the school board to believe this. It's not reality based and we need a school board that participates in reality and can discern fact from fairy tale.

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