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According to studies conducted by the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, evidence shows that more advertising during an economic recession does more good than imaginable.

In a study of 600 business-to-business companies, McGraw-Hill Research found that businesses that maintained or increased their advertising expenditures during the 1981-1982 recession, averaged higher sales growth during the recession and in the three years following. By 1985, sales of aggressive recession advertisers (those that either maintained or increased spending) had risen 256% over those that cutback on advertising. Likewise, in 2001, another study found that aggressive recession advertisers increased market share 2 1/2 times the average for all businesses in the post-recession economy.

Now is the time to increase advertising. The worst thing you can do is disappear from a marketing perspective.

Testimonial - d Forsythe Pearls

When I first started advertising in the Coronado Eagle & Journal I would run an ad periodically here and there but, wasn't seeing the results I had hoped for. My ad representative at the Eagle was very receptive to my advertising concerns and took the time to sit with me and analyze my advertising plan. She encouraged me that if I wanted to see better results from my advertising I should consider advertising more consistently and add color to my ad so that it would stand out.

She helped me work out an advertising plan that fit my budget and assisted me with the design of my ad at no extra cost! Soon after running my new ads I began to see an increase in customers coming into my shop.

I make a habit of asking people how they've heard about me and they often tell me they saw us in the Coronado Eagle & Journal. Even tourists have said the Eagle is a reliable source and where they turn to to find out where to eat and shop.

I am pleased with how effective advertising in the Coronado Eagle & Journal has been for me. Not only do I get results from my ads but, my ad representative is a pleasure to work with, always making sure my ads look great and keeping me informed with what's going on with special sections and anything she thinks I may benefit from advertising wise. There is no pressure at all and I cannot comment enough on how professional the Eagle staff has been.

One would think that this kind of service must cost a fortune, but in fact, I have saved money! With the Eagle designing my ads at no extra cost, I don't sacrifice an arm and a leg with ad agencies or specialty designers. Their rates are reasonable, their special sections work and they treat everyone fairly. In my opinion, if you are not advertising with Eagle Newspapers, you are not spending your advertising dollars as wisely as you could be.

Dolores Forsythe,
d Forsythe Pearls

Top 10 Reasons to Advertise

1. Reach. No other advertising vehicle has the reach of newspapers. Lots of people read our newspaper. In fact, we distribute 12,500 Eagle & Journal’s every Wednesday and 7,500 Eagle & Times newspapers every Thursday.
2. Quality. Your very best prospects are newspaper readers. People who are typically more educated and professional are newspaper readers and can afford your products or services.
3. Targeted. From targeting advertising by community distribution, using ads and inserts to finitely deliver your message to the cities of Coronado and Imperial Beach and it’s bordering communities, newspapers can fine-tune your message.
4. Immediate. Newspaper advertising is among the fastest forms of advertising with extremely short deadlines that allow ads to be created and run in a matter of days.
5. Flexibility. Newspapers, unlike most media, allow the advertiser to build an ad in virtually any size. We also can help you to create an affective ad for your business.
6. Credibility / trust. More than any other medium, consumers believe respected people use newspapers. Much of the public says that newspaper is the medium they respect. What does that say about the advertising newspapers contain?
7. Selective vs.intrusive. Shoppers are less willing today to accept advertising that is spooned out to them. They seek out advertising on their own. Newspapers are the medium shoppers use most.
8. Environment. The newspaper editorial environment typically adds credibility and legitimacy to the brand being advertised. To readers, the advertising in a newspaper is every bit as important as the news.
9. Relied upon. Newspaper advertising is a valuable commodity to readers. In terms of media used to check out ads and compare prices the most valuable media in planning shopping, most convenient, most up-to-date, most trustworthy, believable and preferred, newspapers out distanced all other forms of media combined. A recent independent audit shows that the Coronado Eagle & Journal has a 98% delivery rate and an 80% readership. 71% of our readers say that they frequently purchase products or services from ads seen in the Eagle & Journal.
10. Results. Newspaper advertising works! Newspaper ads create traffic, move merchandise and establish brands. We cannot lose track of the notion that, in a world of thousands of messages a day, advertising in newspapers is one sure thing when it comes to producing results.