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Dine.Direct, an order and delivery platform created by local restaurateur, Ken Irvine, and tech entrepreneur, Ralph Burleson, is now offering a delivery option for restaurants in Coronado. Partnering with a robotics company called Daxbot, Dine.Direct is integrating a team of people-oriented robots called “Dax” to handle short-range food deliveries around the island.

“When it comes to jobs there are the three D’s,” Burleson told me when as we spoke about their newest development and I asked how Dax came about. “Is it dirty? Is it dangerous? Is it dull? These are jobs that robots can excel at and open up more interesting jobs for people. …What school kid says, ‘I want to be a driver for Uber Eats?’ when they grow up?”

Irvine jumped in, “But, ‘I want to be a drone or robot safety operator’? Yeah.” This is where Dax comes in.

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Local chef Ken Irvine teamed up with friend and tech entrepreneur Ralph Burleson to fill what they saw was a much needed platform for retail companies to help smaller, local businesses compete with the likes of Amazon. As they developed this technology, COVID-19 hit and drastically affected restaurants worldwide and a new idea was born – Dine.Direct.

“[Ralph and I] were chatting about Uber Eats, Grubhub, and other delivery services and how they were raking industry with exorbitant fees, eating profits that restaurants would be making and going to these big tech companies,” Irvine said. “We were making the product and Uber Eats was making all the money.”