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Is Money The Measure of Success? This is the question answered by Sawyer Eader, winner of this year’s Gensler Group Essay Contest and $1,000 Scholarship to the Grossmont College drone license program. Eader was chosen from 67 applicants judged on best composition based on originality, thesis statement, structure and introspection.

Congratulations to Eader, we wish you much success! Here is his winning essay:

“My mom called it camping. She did everything she could to make it feel normal,

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From the debates to the conventions to the electoral college, the 2020 Election is the hot headline across every publication, but what aren’t these publications talking about that are on the minds of millions of U.S. investors?

How will the election impact my investments? Does the party in power influence stock market returns? If the economy does go through a downturn, will my retirement savings be safe?

While the stock market is cyclical and it’s tempting for investors to look to history as they try to time their decisions, history has only proven that you can’t count on future returns to match past ones. So what can you do to better understand how the markets behave during election years?

You can gain perspective and take advantage of the Gensler Group’s Wealth Symposium on March 10 at the Coronado Public Library, 640 Orange Avenue,

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On Thursday, Nov. 21, the Gensler Group entered Father Joe’s Villages as a team with the expectation to serve warm meals to the residents and homeless of San Diego. What they didn’t expect to experience was being on the receiving end of it as well and leaving with an experience that was equally as impactful as the trays of food they served.

St. Francis said it best, “For it is in giving that we receive,” and that’s exactly how the Gensler Group felt after serving dinner at Father Joe’s Villages.