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Coronado SAFE, in conjunction with the Coronado Film Festival, will be sponsoring a free, community panel discussion with several local, multidisciplinary experts on the recent Netflix documentary, “The Social Dilemma.” Panelists will include: Jon Moffat, Digital Expert (with a focus on internet safety); Karin Mellina, Coronado Middle School principal and board member of Coronado SAFE; and Gia Del George, Director of Programs and Clinical Counseling for Coronado SAFE.

If you haven’t yet heard about or watched the documentary, the film is about the extent to which the technology that we routinely use, not only frees us to have more information and more connections, but also controls, polarizes, distracts and monetizes us. This documentary-drama hybrid reveals how social media is reprogramming civilization with tech experts sounding the alarm on their own creations. You can watch the film on Netflix prior to the panel discussion.

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The Coronado Island Film Festival is hosting its fifth festival Nov. 11-15.

Due to the pandemic, the majority of the festival has gone virtual but organizers have not lost their commitment to celebrate the magic of film and to spotlight the gifted filmmakers who have poured out their creativity, passion and hearts for all to view and enjoy.

The City continues to sponsor the film festival through its Community Grant Program. The festival will host a safe and socially distanced in-person event on Thursday, Nov. 12, when the festival heads to the South Bay Drive-in for the official 2020 Opening Night feature from Searchlight Pictures “Nomadland.” Winner of the Golden Lion Award at the Venice Film Festival, it continues to draw critical acclaim. Opening Night at the South Bay Drive-in one-vehicle entry is $100 and includes a snack package.

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Organizers for the Coronado Island Film Festival (CIFF) announced in early summer that, rather than cancel their 2020 festival entirely due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they would instead “reframe” their traditional festival into a hybrid version of the annual event. Offering a combination of live and virtual selections, it is with great excitement that CIFF will unveil its programming slate for CIFF 2020 on Thursday, Oct. 8. The festival is set for Nov. 11-15.

“This year may be different for us, with the ever-changing restrictions of the COVID pandemic, but we have not lost our commitment to celebrate the magic of film, and to spotlight the gifted filmmakers who have poured out their creativity, passion, and hearts for all of us to view and enjoy,” exclaimed Executive Director Merridee Book. “We could not be more excited by this year’s films, compelling panels, and special engagements that we have lined-up!”

The hybrid festival will include both virtual and in-person screenings,

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Earlier this spring the Coronado Island Film Festival(CIFF) unveiled their 2020 Festival theme - “Frames of Mind.”

“Little did we know how apropos that theme would be for many this year,” exclaimed Executive Director, Merridee Book. “The collective mood and attitudes of our community and nation have certainly been put to the test throughout the past several months.”

In film lingo a “frame” is one of many still images that when completed, compose a “moving picture”. The double entendre seems especially significant this year. Each image taken in and

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Coronado Island Film Festival is all about movies, so naturally we love it when we find one that gets everything right: the writing, the directing, the acting, the cinematography, the location, everything. “Broadcast News” (1987) is one of those.

Even though it was nominated for seven Academy Awards and five Golden Globes, we had almost forgotten about it until we were scrolling through Facebook and came across a post by Ken Fitzgerald that he’d watched it with his family and “it still holds up.” You know Ken – a well-written political opinion piece with his name on it is most likely included in this week’s edition of this newspaper.

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Coronado Island Film Festival invites you to settle in for some juicy, medieval intrigue as the 1968 historical drama, “The Lion in Winter,” brings a veritable Master Class in acting, directing and screenwriting to your living rooms. (Amazon Prime). Nominated for six Oscars and winner of three, Katharine Hepburn’s stellar performance as Eleanor of Aquitaine earned her the third of four Academy Awards in her long career.

What could be more fun than watching a no-holds-barred, back-and-forth between a king and queen, especially if it’s our favorite feminist, Eleanor of Aquitaine, giving as good as she gets from husband King Henry II of England (Peter O’Toole)! They trade some of the best, most delicious lines in all of moviedom, written by James Goldman, who won an Oscar for his screenplay, and delivered with sure-fire grace and wit by the film’s stars.