I had never met or heard of Kamala Harris in 2003 when her supporters asked me to help host the first event in San Francisco for her first run for office. Actually at that point, hardly anyone had heard of her.

Soon after losing Jack Viera to cancer in 2001, the city’s only woman/only African American City Council member invited me to join her under-staffed City Hall office. I pretty much did there what I did back in the day as a Navy CO spouse: meet, greet, organize the front office. So, in spite of being a natural blonde Republican type, I was well clued into the Bayview community when Kamala began her political life.

She was an immediate success. Very electable from the start. Hard working. Fearless. She faced up to citizen outrage standing by her pre-election avowed opposition to the death penalty for any reason when a black police officer was gunned down in his patrol car, three weeks after she became DA. She won over the folks, again, and obviously went on to greater glory.

I have been silently hoping this would be Biden’s choice because I am sure she will be good for him, and good for the country. Now let’s get it done in November, before Trump can interfere with the mail-in ballot system by weakening the U.S. Postal Service. Just when we think he can’t sink any lower, he does.

List me as a life-long Republican who, like Kamala, believes in just doing what’s right.

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