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Will Allowing 5G Towers In Coronado Open Pandora’s Box?

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Posted: Friday, May 17, 2019 2:08 pm

A month ago, I had no knowledge, opinion, or concern about Wireless Communication Facilities (WCFs). I didn’t know that they were being installed in Coronado until I received a 300’ proximity letter. Once I started educating myself, I found out this it is being opposed around the world. I started asking why. In general, it’s considered a bad experiment, with human beings as the guinea pigs. Noted scientists and physicians have voiced their concerns about the health risks to pregnant women, unborn babies, young children, teenagers, men of reproductive age, the elderly, the disabled and the chronically ill. It contributes to an abundance of health risks including cancers, lower sperm counts, miscarriages, brain tumors, and more and is expected to cause a drastic decline in birds and bees. (Think canary in the mine shaft ... if the bird dies, you’re next.)

According to Martin L. Pall, professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences at Washington State University, “There are four reasons why radiation from the 5G network will be dangerous for humans: an extraordinary number of antennae are required, high outputs are needed for penetration, pulsation levels will be very high, and it will have an impact on the human body’s cellular electrical field. Pulsed radiation, or pulsed Electrical Magnetic Fields (EMF), that is used by 5G satellites is biologically active and can produce radiation effects deep within human bodies. Some side effects include lowered fertility, neurological damage, apoptosis (programmed cell death), cellular DNA damage, oxidative stress and free radical damage, hormonal effects, excessive intracellular calcium, and cancer.”

Abraham R. Liboff, PhD (Research Professor; Center for Molecular Biology and Biotechnology;
Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, Florida; Co-Editor, Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine) states, “Here the public’s continuing exposure to electromagnetic radiation is largely connected to money. Indeed, the tens of billions of dollars in sales one finds in the cell phone industry makes it mandatory to corporate leaders that they deny, in knee-jerk fashion, any indication of hazard.”

Kevin Mottus, California Brain Tumor Association and full-time Educator of Washington DC Legislators, speaks about the biological and health effects from wireless radiation and sums it up best:

“The wireless industry is lying about health. People are currently getting very sick and dying with neurological disease and cancer near cell towers. There are testimonials which we have from almost every state. Our bodies are not designed to adapt to any of this. We’re electromagnetic, our cells are electromagnetic. Our cells communicate, reproduce and transmit electromagnetically. The idea that these billions of waves per second passing through our body are not going to have an effect us is true fantasy.”

I just want to slow down the process so we can find out the actual health risks before 5G is installed across Coronado. Once it’s up, it’s not coming down. And it doesn’t help at all with the under-grounding project because the phone companies need to use those poles. Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile and others will follow AT&T and as I found out at the Planning Commission meeting, they don’t share poles. Enough information was revealed from the AT&T engineer and comments from Coronado residents to cause the Planning Commissioners to vote in a way that would send the agenda item to the City Council to decide. Their hands have been tied and the Commissions and Council are not even allowed to consider the health risks that are being discussed. Is that not a red flag to you? It was to me.

Do I need 5G? No. Not at the risk of health problems. I don’t care if I have to wait a few minutes more to download a movie on my phone. I don’t care if it allows us to have driverless cars on our roads, I think the normal drivers are scary enough. 5G is considered a millimeter wave technology. These high frequencies have a short range and canisters will be erected every 300’ (think football field). I wonder how many poles that means in Coronado? Some articles I’ve read said that trees in the line-of-sight will have to be removed, and other articles say they’ll die anyway. I love that Coronado has such a variety of beautiful trees and would hate to lose even one.

Find out about this issue for yourself. You can go to my facebook information page: Stop 5G Coronado Now and read, no one even needs to know you were there. You can Google articles. You can do it however you want, but just be aware of what Pandora’s Box we may be opening. If you aren’t concerned, then just allow the Coronado Council to vote it in on May 21. If you have the slightest concern, then show up on May 21 and voice your concerns. If you can’t attend, then send an email to the City Council members. I just want to be sure that we are not allowing our own decline for the benefit of faster phone service. No one is saying it’s safe. And that’s the bottom line … Better Safe than Sorry. Slow down the process until we have all the facts.

Thank you for your time and attention.

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