President-elect Joe Biden will make a great President. Joe’s beautiful wife Jill will make a great First Lady. Vice President-elect Kamala Harris is a dynamic leader. Together, they make a great patriotic team.

The poor, powerless and oppressed, and the elderly, children and disabled are a first responsibility. The middle class are the backbone of our country. They deserve good health care, affordable housing, good schools and a college eduction for their children. In addition, jobs with upward mobility money can come from taxing oil, alcohol and tobacco. The Statue of Liberty must remain the light of hope for immigrants.

Universities are the backbone of knowledge. Truth is taught not indoctrination. Our Congress has to be strong and non-biased. Our Supreme Court must work for justice. James Madison’s Balance of Powers depends on all the government agencies working morally.

Happy Thanksgiving to all the military personnel. In World War II Captain Von Trapp stood up to the Nazi regime refusing to allow the Jews to suffer. Trapp’s greatness must be followed to have a strong military. Biden’s victory save the soul of our democracy.

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