“Our lives begin to end, the day we are silent about the things that matter”


My heart broke last week as I was transported back to my 1955 Alabama childhood where I quit a Sunday school that banned “colored” children. A recent petition and letter to the editor that intentionally mischaracterized the Black Lives Matter movement recalled the shame of that era. Racism is a learned behavior. It is not red or blue, Christian or Buddhist. In fact, it is antithetic to religious teachings.

Must we see our reflection in a mirror as that of a black person before we can understand what people of color face every day? Imagine fearing your child might be bullied or even shot, profiled knocking at a neighbor’s door, in a store, on the street, or selectively jailed.

BLM is an international movement of people, myself included, who believe in equality. Calling this movement Marxist is like calling All Lives Matter White Supremist. It is a “tar and feather” dog whistle used to rile people up and sow division.

What is the real concern of the petition signers? That our children might become tolerant and inclusive? Will teaching the history of sanctioned lynchings, colored restrooms, and peaceful civil rights protesters beaten senseless with billy clubs, harm or enlighten our children? What is your ethical dilemma?

The use of MLK and Jesus Christ, to legitimize a petition that uses inflammatory dismissive labels to perpetuate racist stereotypes is truly heartbreaking!

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