On Sept. 29, the National School Boards Association (NSBA) sent a letter to President Biden characterizing parents speaking out at school board meetings across the nation as “threats to their districts, families, and personal safety.” The NSBA insisted the Department of Justice investigate parents and parent groups.

Who and what is the NSBA? It is a billion-dollar non-profit lobbying group paid for by taxpayers. Here’s how the grift works. Through California’s convoluted Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) the portion of local property taxes earmarked for schools goes to Sacramento. The State bundles local revenues and redistributes them, per LCFF formulas, to fund local districts. The 1,000 California school districts use your taxpayer dollars to pay membership dues to the California School Boards Association (CSBA). Coronado Unified pays the CSBA $16,128 annually. Estimates are the CSBA collects upwards of $16,000,000 from local school districts annually. The CSBA and state school board associations across the nation, in U.S. territories and the Virgin Islands, pay dues to the NSBA, the national lobbying arm of 14,000 school districts. While the specific dollar amounts by state are difficult to pin down, a reasonable estimate is that the NSBA receives upwards of a billion dollars annually.

So, Mr. and Mrs. Taxpayer, the lobbying outfit that equates you with domestic terrorists and seeks to silence your voice is funded by you!

Curiously, in a stunning reversal, on Oct. 22, the NSBA abruptly issued an apology for their original letter. Why? Internal correspondence suggested the White House was aware of the NSBA letter prior to its public release, raising questions about Federal Executive Branch collusion in drafting the text of the very letter prompting federal action. Nefarious! And is the response too little and too late? 

What can you as a taxpayer do? Petition the CUSD Board of Education to approve a resolution protecting parents’ free speech. Hundreds have already signed the petition. To find out how, contact wetheparentscoronado@gmail.com.

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