Donald Trump loves to golf, and he is notorious for cheating at it. With the federal coronavirus response, he sliced hard into the trees over and over again, but he wants us all to just let him take a mulligan. Over 143,000 Americans are dead because of the inept federal response to the pandemic, and because Trump successfully messaged to many that this virus was really no big deal. Trump-enabling Republican Governors refused to impose face mask requirements and re-opened their economies prematurely, while self-proclaimed champions of “freedom” refused to wear masks as every responsible medical professional advised.

The federal response to the pandemic was so badly bungled that the United States is now the object of pity and scorn around the world. Americans are banned from traveling to Europe, Japan, New Zealand, the Bahamas, and China. These countries look at data rather than listening to the positive-sounding pablum emanating from the White House. They trust the numbers, and they can’t trust America. Nearly every developed country in the world has concluded it cannot rely on the public health practices of the country formerly known as the leader of the free world. We are being shunned. 

Under the leadership of this president, the United States went from beacon to third world basket case in a hurry. Donald Trump would have us double down on failure by re-opening schools in the fall, in the still vain hope that the virus will – like a miracle – just disappear one day. Defending his absurd prediction to that effect on Fox News last weekend, Trump said: “I’ll be right eventually.” How many more will die before that time comes?

What do we do now? Simple:

Stay home.

If you must leave home, wear a mask.

Wash your hands.

Vote in November.

Nothing else matters.

Ken Fitzgerald is a Coronado resident and trial lawyer practicing business litigation. A former professional musician, he plays principal trumpet in the La Jolla Symphony Orchestra and volunteers with Bugles Across America, playing Taps at funeral services for military veterans.

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