I walked down Tenth Street this morning and as I passed Clayton’s, a favorite restaurant, I observed that only half of the “grown ups” and fewer than half of the young adults were wearing face masks. One of the adults, was not wearing a mask while carrying on a much-too-close conversation with some other no-mask adult wearers.

While I appreciate the controversy surrounding the wear/no wear mask issue, it would make sense, that if there is any chance whatsoever, that wearing a mask might prevent the spreading of COVID-19, then we all should wear one when in public. A no brainer.

As a long time Coronado resident, I would hope that our city council would enforce the “Wear a Mask” signs on our streets through fines, citations or whatever, as many other cities in the country have done.

So, please wear a mask … be serious, stow the “devil may care” attitude. The life you save might be someone you care about.

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