A board member who puts children first.

Anyone who has seen Whitney Antrim with her children, relating to them, telling stories, explaining things to them with infinite patience, knows she fulfills that requirement. 

A board member who listens to all in the community. Whitney Antrim would not be a successful lawyer for the poor without being a good listener and I have personal knowledge that she is at the very top of her field, representing indigents from all backgrounds and listening to them. 

A board member who realizes that teaching is a gift. I saw Whitney teach a whole room full of lawyers, I was one of those appellate lawyers, and she had all of us in the palm of her hand with her “enthusiasm” about new law we needed to know to spot appellate issues. That word enthusiasm has a Greek origin which means “the God within.” That is Whitney. Her enthusiasm for complicated legal issues was palpable, it lifted us up and prevented our minds from wandering. She made us pay attention. 

After that seminar, I had occasion to call Whitney for help in an appeal and she was more than help, her diligence will likely help me get a 14 year old juvenile court instead of adult court treatment. 

Whitney has teaching and determination in her blood. I know that personally because many years ago, 64 to be exact, her grandfather, Glenn Warner, a Associate Professor and Swimming Coach at the Naval Academy pulled this non-swimmer Plebe from the bottom of the Natatorium pool and was determined to teach me how to swim and pass the rigorous survival swimming test which would have meant my dismissal from the Academy if I did not pass it. You do not ever forget a teacher who has a huge effect on your life. That was Whitney Antrim’s grandfather for me. You citizens of Coronado will feel the same way about her and her effect on the teachers and students in Coronado as I do about her grandfather. A life saver. 


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