Having returned to Coronado in June, once again my car is coated with a coal black somewhat oily residue.  I’ve heard a few theories — it’s the ships or it’s the aircraft.

I can wash my car and within 24 hours, wiping the morning dew, there’s the residue. In 48 hours it’s worse. Recently I went through a self service car wash with a cycle of water and soap, holding the nozzle close to the car for maximum pressure followed by a thorough rinse.  After driving a mile to let most of the water evaporate, I pulled over and wiped the car down with rags — coal black residue! Even after the wash and rinse.

We love Coronado. That’s why we returned. I tell my children it’s halfway to heaven. But that means I’m breathing this black stuff 24/7. I can’t imagine it’s not harmful. One thought. If it’s aircraft, why don’t they at least fly a 100 yards off the shore on both sides of the island? Yes, instead of directly over the beaches!

I spoke to the City Council and am hopeful they’ll pursue a resolution.

Respectfully submitted

VOL. 112, NO. 45 - Nov. 9, 2022

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jim orourke

Many explanations have been offered over the years. There are a number of smoldering volcanoes in Mexico and ashes get caught in the jet stream. Possibly malign foreign operators are at work trying to poison Americas best and brightest. Our own government wants to control us and reduce white fertility rates here and in other white enclaves. The soot reduces desire in other primates. Regardless the Navy is totally innocent. They work with us as equal partners, Just consider their commitment to our traffic and pollution problems challenges. They really are doing all they can. They must have their touch and ho operation along the beach or the Chi Coms Will won.

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