This will not be well received by some friends, neighbors, and colleagues, but it’s my heartfelt opinion.

While remembering Colin Powell on his passing this week, we must honestly assess the past two decades and the expense of our Nation’s blood, treasure, integrity, and trust. As someone who knew better (in real-time), was in a perfect leadership position to make a critical, historic difference, yet did not - Colin Powell’s Iraq WMD legacy needs to serve as a stark and persistent klaxon that the Washington D.C. Swamp is real.

In Feb 2003, I was 30, recovering from my 9/11 burns, and hellbent in support of the Iraq War precisely because of the “unassailable credibility” and claims of Colin Powell.

Fast forward to today, after years of personal service in the most sensitive echelons of our Nation’s intelligence community, I can only reflect on the “what if’s” - “what if he had stood up, spoken out, protested, resigned?” I believe he, and he alone, could have stopped the war agenda of that time. If he had done so, the world today, and our Nation’s standing in it, would be in a much much different - better - place.

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jim orourke

Powell never had a chance and was steam rolled by the neo-cons (Wolfowitz, Elliot Abrams. Cheney and Rumsfeld prominent among them) as was Condoleezza Rice. Plus Bush wanted to prosecute a pre-emptive war against "evil doers" and this was an opportunity to further avenge 911 and show his macho cred and avenge Saddam's attempt on 41's life. . His popularity soared initially but he and his toadies compounded the initial failed decision with 5 years of total incompetence. The particular swamp that ginned up the Iraq war also included hundreds of defense contractors and many lobbyists, especially supporters of Israel.

Thank you for your service. Given the personal impact 911 had on you, your perspective is greatly valued.


Colin Powell's contact list was leaked. It showed him having many questionable ties, including to the woman who offered three young girls (not related to her) in a hot tub to John Podesta. Tamara Luzzatto. The contact list and leaked communications are still floating around the Internet.

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