While we wait patiently to receive our vaccinations (over 65), we stay home only to venture out for walks or bike rides around Coronado.

We have long since stopped walking down Orange Avenue as visitors frequently bike or ride surreys on the sidewalk. Of the visitors and locals we encounter on city streets, some are wearing masks, but as many as half are not.

We used to eat out dinner five to six times a week. Of course that stopped with the stay-at-home order almost a year ago. We attempted take-out, but other than one traditionally take-out spot, we stopped doing. Why? Because too many people (visitors and locals alike) persist in not wearing a mask. Even with vaccinations rolling out, wearing masks will remain critical.

We want to resume support of local restaurants and businesses, but will continue to find it difficult, if not impossible absent the very simple, widespread practice of wearing a mask.

It could have become second nature at the beginning of this pandemic, but there was a shortage of PPE and a lack of leadership. Coronado leadership needs to get serious about mandating masks in public (no different than being smoke free in public).

However it needs to be spun, but let’s get this done!

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