Several months ago (before the election) I characterized Biden with several derogatory but accurate adjectives based on documented history and YouTube video. After several months experience with his grossly poor policy judgments including cabinet picks and other appointments, it is clear that my assessment was correct and probably too flattering. I fear that reciting these many stunning failures will be categorized as “elder abuse” so I won’t list them.

In that previous letter, I didn’t include the term “dangerous” because it was just too obvious but maybe the message was too subtle since not enough voters listened. We’re now facing an unfortunate prospect of trading Biden for Harris. Many have accepted such a fate on the grounds that “the situation can’t get worse.” I tend to agree unless the current cabinet can be replaced as well. Recently, Clarice Feldman wrote in the American Thinker:

“It’s not just Biden. To look at his team of Secretary of State Antony Blinken, Vice President Kamala Harris, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, and Chief of Staff General Mark Milley is to understand Shel Silverstein’s “the lights are on, but nobody’s home.”

John McCain was clearly right when he spoke against Blinken’s nomination as Deputy National Security advisor in 2014 and things clearly haven’t improved with experience. Secretary Myorcas (DHS) is obviously way over his head further dooming the southern border mess and Generals Austin and Milley haven’t resigned even after presiding over what has been characterized as the most humiliating military command debacle in 100 years. I find small consolation that my father (Captain, USN) isn’t around to see how far the officer corps has fallen. The Education Secretary claims to be transgender so we shouldn’t expect bureaucratic neutrality and certainly no help with the CRT debate. Biden’s nominee for Land Management is a known eco-terrorist and the nominee for Director of the ATF has frequently spoken against the Second Amendment. After observing AG Garland’s comments and actions comparing last summer’s riots with the Jan 6 self-guided tour, I am now very glad that he is not on the Supreme Court (which is a change for me.) Yellen (Treasury) advocates global control over taxation of US corporations and spending more money than we have.  And these guys think they’re the smartest in the room. In 1947, Albert Einstein was credited for observing: ”They remind us of the fact that even the most perfectly planned democratic institutions are no better than the people whose instruments they are.” As my grandson once observed, “We’re doomed.”

In a previous letter, I also puzzled why lying/hypocrisy doesn’t appear to carry much weight politically. I still don’t know that answer but suspect it is related to the overtly leftist bias exhibited by the mainstream press. Like Islam, the left operates on the notion that lying to your enemies is not immoral if it advances your cause. After all, a lie isn’t a lie if sufficient authorities repeat a lie often enough or loudly enough. This is now commonly called a “meme” or the “narrative.” It is important to establish the “narrative” early and often to morph a lie into the truth or at least common wisdom. This technique is so prevalent and obvious now that Fox news often runs a montage of talking heads repeating the same unsubstantiated story using the same words and phrases. Conveniently, @APhilosophae has compiled a list of the common ones like … COVID came from a wet market; all conservatives are terrorists; ivermectin doesn’t work; HCQ doesn’t work; Biden doesn’t have dementia; the jab isn’t making anyone ill; Fauci was consistent; masks work; Cuomo didn’t kill old people; Hunter Biden is an artist; Trump colluded with Russia; Jan. 6 was an insurrection; transwomen are real women; BLM is mostly peaceful; climate change is the military’s biggest problem; Antifa is just an idea; George Floyd didn’t overdose; math is racist; 1619 is real history; Hunter’s Laptop wasn’t real; Trump caused Asian hate; White rage is the problem; CRT isn’t poisonous; Juicy Smollet was attacked; China travel ban was racist; words are violence.

There are, of course, many more. One of the best lists is at Twitter: @APhilosophae . Search for CulturalHusbandry

On a related subject, Mr. Jon Sinton, in a recent Eagle column, surmised, without evidence, that “Americans are more willing to rely on the government.” Although this assertion is probably just another leftist wish, I suggest that the truth of such probably rests with a balance between demonstrated competence and “more free stuff.” 

A recent Wall Street Journal poll found that 80% of those polled thought “the country is going in the wrong direction.” Certainly the disaster at the southern border, the Afghanistan catastrophe, galloping inflation, sky rocketing crime, expensive energy, loss of confidence of NATO and other allies, continuing failure of public education including CRT infiltration, and Covid vaccination mismanagement, among others give good reason for lack of confidence in the current administration. 

Additionally the politicization of the FBI, DOJ, IRS, CDC, NSA, public education, and media leading to loss of due process and other constitutional rights are enough to make one barf. I, for one, think these failed policies and botched execution make me want much less government, not more.

On the other hand, if your business or employer has been shut down by the government (a “taking” if there ever was one) maybe “more free stuff” as some compensation is appropriate but even that was botched as landlords know. Obviously, compensation for taking is different than more and bigger welfare. The leftists believe that if they can get a gross welfare expansion going, it will be very hard to stop after people get used to it, the associated taxes and loss of freedom. In summary, but of dubious origin, “[Democracy] can only exist until a majority of voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse out of the public treasury.” But it will be fun for a few for a while.

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