Science and data confirm that coronavirus is like influenza. Two months ago, we didn’t have such data, and the Government and the media hypothesized one-to-two million Americans could die. Given this, the Government took extreme measures and instituted the first-ever quarantine of the healthy.

The data proves that the virus has a death rate of approximately .1%. Sadly, thousands have died from medical complications pointing to the virus’s attack on vulnerable persons (like influenza). The data also proves that virtually all who died while carrying the virus had other health complications, like heart disease, diabetes, obesity, etc. But most who have contracted the virus have been asymptomatic or have recovered, as from influenza.

The media’s fear campaign has proven unwarranted. See the Doctor Erickson interview on ABC affiliate, KGET (find on YouTube). He and his partner, with 40 years’ practice treating infectious diseases, provide data and analysis that offers truth and hope.

Over the past two months, the Shelter In Place (SIP) order from governors has led to at least 25 million unemployed, millions unable to pay rents, and myriad other long-term social woes. The virus has proven to spread with or without SIP in effect, and every day we continue our current path, we are adversely affecting millions of citizens.

We must end SIP immediately. Quarantine the very vulnerable, if necessary. Open our businesses, churches, schools, beaches, and parks. Put an end to fear, misinformation, and panic. We must go back to community work, worship, learning, and recreation.

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