We are better than this. Coronado must avoid the ugly divisiveness tearing apart so many other places in the U.S. These fevered times require civility, goodwill, and mutual understanding- not irrational fear-mongering and conspiratorial misinformation. Recently, efforts to enact CUSD’s Equity Action Plan have been mischaracterized by one opponent as a “Marxist”, by another as a “Nazi,” to brainwash our kids. Such vitriol is detrimental for our school system, uninviting for our community, and, most importantly, stands as a terrible role model for our students. So, let’s get the facts straight and find a way to move forward as a unified community- doing what’s sensible, avoiding needless divisions, and responding to reality, not groundless fears.

CUSD’s Equity Board Policy goals are to:

Enact clear consequences for racial slurs.

Form a committee that will create an Equity Action Plan that will provide a safe place for students of color and a more diverse and inclusive school district.

Establish a forum of stakeholders such as parents, teachers, and students in order to share experiences and perspectives on this very important matter.

Our local need is clear. Coronado students, alumni (including our former captain of the football team), and parents have endured racial harassment, bullying, and slurs- including being called the N-word or told they stink and have AIDS. Up until now, CUSD has lacked effective policies to deal with such outrageous behavior. This isn’t a question of politicizing our schools; it is just simple decency and standard educational practice.

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