We badly need elected city leaders who have the courage and resolve to provide a clear directive to their administration to enforce the COVID Public Health Order. No excuses! There is no pristine, risk free approach to attacking an issue of this magnitude. There is no “bigger” threat to us, the community and our economy than the continued pandemic expansion of COVID-19. It is a menacing disease.

If our Mayor, City Council and the administration are unwilling to embrace enforcement as one of the solutions (such as police issuing citations) to make a positive difference in the fight against COVID-19, then we need to replace them with those who will step-up to protect our health and safety. My preference is to retain our present city leadership so I hope they will assume a stronger stance with those who choose not to comply with wearing face masks and keeping social distance, which can be done with respect and professionalism.

Today, we are losing the battle to contain the pandemic. Tomorrow, we must turn the tide by using all three pillars of an effective strategy: education, encouragement and “enforcement»

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