Actually this concerns all of us here in Coronado. I have been a resident of Coronado nearly my whole life and right now during these unprecedented and turbulent times I find myself feeling incredibly down, disappointed and really disgusted with how the city is being treated by extremely selfish and irresponsible individuals. I am talking about what is happening in the general business community and the Ferry Landing on weekends, specifically.

I should preface this, by citing that I am in no way disparaging business owners, their employees and all custodial workers because all are indeed essential and I am thankful for their communal contributions.

It’s the party limousine buses parked on Second Street, full parking lots neck deep with vacationing revelers and party boat passengers with no care in the world given the COVID-19 crisis are not essential; in fact, I assert they are very problematic. Social distancing is not being followed and I see the hard working ferry landing staff treading water at best with the enormous amount of never ending trash created by these perhaps outside consumers. To add insult to injury signs saying to wear masks are posted, but by a fair amount are being dangerously ignored.

This is not acceptable Coronado! The Benjamins are not that important! Extreme Coronado Ferry Landing beach tourist crowds must be more respectful, because if they aren’t, we will never get off the Governor’s List to reopen schools, churches, movie theaters, gyms etc. Non-resident work day employees also contribute to this local, county, state, country, world pandemic. Just take a look at lunch time on Orange Avenue there is clearly tight quarters in Coronado. No one seems to realize, let alone care, that folks actually live in Coronado, we call this home and home matters. On Aug. 8, 2020, comparatively speaking, I thought the crowd at the ferry landing rivaled the 4th of July years past. This frightened me, so I finished my essential exercise and went home. I shared my disconcerting experience with another disillusioned resident who not only agreed with me, but informed me that weekends at the Coronado Ferry Landing remind him of being in Rosarito Beach after spring break! That really says it all, please do better Coronado; our residents, essential workers, senior citizens and children need this. San Diego county to the world needs this!

Stay safe, be responsible, stay well.

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I have emailed the mayor several times about this he seems to ignore it. We need to keep Coronado for us residents as pristine as it always has been

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