I have served almost 13 years on the Coronado School Board, including the last nine months since my appointment in February to fill a board vacancy (before that, I served from 1998 to 2002 and from 2006 to 2014). This service, spanning three different eras, gives me a unique vantage point from which to assess what makes for an effective school board in Coronado. I believe each member of an effective school board should:

1: seek to promote a culture with high-performance standards for students, teachers, and schools,

2: understand and monitor CUSD finances, with its complex history, rules, and parameters,

3: prepare diligently for all meetings,

4: work positively and collaboratively to achieve results,

5: consider primarily the interests of students, but also evaluate impacts upon teachers, staff, parents, and the community,

6: focus upon tangible academic policies that truly affect Coronado students, rather than upon provocative “national” issues of lesser real importance to education in Coronado,

7: interact with both the public and fellow board members in a respectful manner, and

8: appreciate the paramount importance of hiring and supporting an excellent superintendent.

We have many talented candidates running for school board this fall, and I thank all of the candidates for putting their hats into the ring – that takes courage.

Many people have asked me which candidates I support in this election. As I have considered this question, I have not only considered perspectives gained through years on the school board – I also have attended candidate forums, read campaign materials, media interviews, articles, and correspondence, and listened to candidates speak at board meetings and in other settings. After carefully weighing these inputs, I am voting for the following candidates, and I recommend that others do the same: 

For the single seat with a remaining 2-year term: RENEE CAVANAUGH, Retired Coronado Teacher.

For the three seats with a 4-year term:

• HELEN ANDERSON-CRUZ, Dr. of Education and incumbent,

• ALEXIA PALACIOS-PETERS, Attorney, former teacher and involved parent,

• MAL SANDIE, Retired Navy Captain and involved parent.

These candidates have the values, experience, skills, temperament, and dedication to make excellent school board members and enhance Coronado’s schools. Conversely, I fear that some of the other candidates, if elected, instead will promote further bickering and negativity which will impede, rather than enhance, the quality of education provided to Coronado’s children. For more on these risks, see Kevin Ashley’s letter entitled “Our Teachers and Students Need Your Support” which was published September 28, 2022 in the Coronado Eagle. You can find the letter by typing “Coronado Eagle Kevin Ashley” into your internet browser.

Our schools are bouncing back from COVID. They are moving in the right direction and have bright days ahead. Elect Cavanaugh, Anderson-Cruz, Palacios-Peters, and Sandie to keep the positive momentum.

Thank you for supporting Coronado’s schools!

VOL. 112, NO. 40 - Oct. 5, 2022

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