If one is looking for a stable, lifelong career, politics may not be the best choice unless, of course, one lives in a country with a system that allows one to become president for life. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who resigned after just three years in office, during which he delivered on his promise to get Brexit done, is among the latest politicians to fall from grace. While his center-left governing practices after campaigning as a far-right conservative disappointed his conservative colleagues, what finally did him in apparently were the scandals, character issues and chaotic behavior. Does that remind you of another former head of state with similar hair styling, physical proportions and impulsive manner?

In the United Kingdom, a parliamentary monarchy, when enough people feel that things are going badly at the top, parliament can respond with a vote of no confidence. Mr. Johnson survived one of these, but he couldn’t survive the mass defections, about 50 of them, from his own party, some of whom had urged him to resign. So, the search is on for a successor and Mr. Johnson will remain in power until one is named. He will be a lame duck.

Here in our democracy, we already have what will essentially be a lame duck as president for the second half of his term, especially if Republicans win big, as expected, in the mid-term elections. He will be far too old to run for re-election to the rigorous job of president. Many believe that just completing his single term during these turbulent times will be a major challenge for the visibly aging president. But short of a voluntary resignation, removal from office for physical or mental disability under terms of the 25th Amendment, or by impeachment followed by conviction in the Senate, he will remain in office until January of 2025 despite a woeful 39% approval rating.

Only 14% of Americans surveyed in a recent poll feel that the country is headed in the right direction. That leaves a huge majority that believes the ship of state is sailing in the wrong direction. As every mariner knows, if a ship is sailing into dangerous waters, a course change is urgently needed before disaster occurs. Some 85% of Americans think the country is headed in the wrong direction but Mr. Biden refuses to change course. (1% apparently didn’t have a position on the matter. Ah, to be so carefree!) Does that 14% know something that we don’t? I doubt it.

This administration is failing Americans. How? Let me count the ways. First and foremost, we are not getting what Mr. Biden promised. He campaigned as a moderate and a uniter. But he is governing far to the left of center and we are more divided than ever. People are frightened over a growing epidemic of crime and violence, especially in Democrat-controlled cities. Democrat-appointed prosecutors are choosing what laws they wish to enforce and are allowing criminals to go free. The police have been demonized and demoralized. Mr. Biden refuses even to acknowledge these failures on the part of local government and blames violence on guns.

The southern border is out of control. There is really no other way to describe it. Drugs are flowing across the border but Mr. Biden says the border is closed. His appointed border czar, Vice President Kamala Harris, is clueless about how to deal with this chaos except to study the root causes of illegal immigration. But any fool already knows what they are: crime, gang violence and poverty. We have the same problems in our cities. We can study them here.

The botched withdrawal from Afghanistan was an international embarrassment, resulting in the death of three U.S. service members, leaving behind thousands of Afghans who aided us in the fight against the Taliban, the collapse of the Afghan government and the loss of the freedoms we won for Afghan women. The country has since reverted to chaos.

The president’s continued war on fossil fuels prevents this country from fully benefiting from being the world’s largest producer and net exporter of oil and clean natural gas and from providing more aid to our allies in Europe in weaning themselves off Russian energy. This U.S. war on fossil fuels will do almost nothing to prevent climate change as long as China, India and other emerging nations continue to use fossil fuels as they must for decades to come. On his first day in office Mr. Biden closed the Keystone XL pipeline and froze new drilling on federal lands. The price of gasoline is forcing many Americans to choose between gas and food. Restrictions on fracking and pipeline construction in Democrat-controlled states and delays in permitting needed refinery and export facility construction discourage further investment by oil producers to increase capacity. The president blames them anyway for the price of gasoline, even as his administration seeks to put them out of business.

Inflation is raging, led by gasoline and fuel prices causing enormous harm to Americans. Mr. Biden blames this on a distant war in Ukraine instead of his own profligate spending on COVID relief. He now is forced to plead with Middle East producers to increase production and recently ordered American gas station owners to “(b)ring down the prices you are charging and do it now,” sounding like a dictator. Attempting to control inflation by drastically shrinking the money supply will almost certainly result in a recession which will cost Americans jobs and more economic misery.

Mr. Biden refuses to order the Justice Department to arrest demonstrators who are violating the law by demonstrating at the homes of Supreme Court Justices and he himself used inflammatory language in describing the court as “extremist” and “out of control” and the justices’ behavior as “outrageous.” Does he actually believe that the Supreme Court of the United States should be controlled?

This is a partial list of failures but there are more to come because Mr. Biden is clearly not a leader. He is not proactive and reacts to problems only when prodded and then often not wisely. A weak campaigner, he won election in the twilight of a lackluster career which included no executive experience except running a committee largely because Donald Trump managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory by his boorish manner and stupid tweets. If we can manage to survive until 2025, hopefully both parties will by then be able to come up with candidates who actually are qualified by intellect, experience, temperament and age to hold the most powerful office in the world.

VOL. 112, NO. 29 - July 20, 2022

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