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Unsafe And Inadequate

a letter from Nick Meurer | Posted: Thursday, July 18, 2019 4:48 pm

You may remember the 2015 headline: “Coronado resident claims ‘You are covering Coronado with paint stripe pollution,’ during a City Council meeting.” Bike lanes have caused controversy recently. Some residents believe bike lanes lower property values and others insist they are “graffiti on the streets” or “a visual cacophony that will induce vertigo.”

The City still only has two main bicycle routes today: a dedicated lane adjacent to Glorietta Boulevard, which continues underneath the bridge and up First Street, and a painted lane along Sixth Street. Google Maps claims there are “bicycle-friendly roads” including parts of E Avenue and Adella Avenue which don’t have either dedicated or painted bike lanes. There isn’t much bicycle infrastructure, yet hundreds of children, tourists, and couples bike to school, dog beach, and dinner using the typical artery routes of Alameda Boulevard, Tenth Street, or C Avenue. Demand is high, but the cycling network is not close to completion, nor it is as safe and convenient as it could be. When kids bike to friend’s houses or school, drivers often need to swerve or slam on their breaks to avoid an accident, while others are forced to cross well over the median to leave space. It’s terrifying when you almost hit a teenager who’s texting on their cell phone.

While some residents might remain ignorant, I urge islanders to consider the current bike system to be unsafe and inadequate. More dedicated and painted bike lanes would solve this, and you too could reap the benefits.