I have been observing two things of great concern to me.

One is the parents/pet owners with their children/pets in the buggy behind their bikes without tall red warning flags. The buggies are not at eye level with the driver and cannot be readily seen. All the driver sees is the person riding the bike; they don’t see that they re towing precious cargo. I have not observed the bike flags being carried in the stores at all and not a lot of bike riders either with them on their buggy. Let’s look out for our kids and pets, stores carry the bike flags and parents use them. Let’s stop an accident before it ever happens.

The second thing of great concern is Third and Fourth streets. The traffic is really bad coming and going to and from North Island. Crossing guards are needed year around for parents and children crossing the street, especially from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. The guards are supplemented by the police department during the school year. The other part of the year, perhaps it can be augmented by the City of Coronado for the rest of the year. I have seen near accidents and mere misses often on my afternoon walks. Even though the signs are posted, the speed is unreal. It increases exponentially as the carriers come and go from North Island and when they are all ported at the same time. It is very dangerous to cross without a guard at lunch time and when the 2 p.m. shift gets off work from North Island and end of day 4 p.m. for office workers, military off the ships and all others.

With respect

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