It’s interesting how some Republicans are still claiming that the “radical left” somehow stole the election. It seems as if the Right is a bit more radical these days with all the lies spewing from Trump’s mouth (with words like “witch-hunt” and “hoax”) backed by his conservative cronies. What’s radical is storming the Capitol in an attempted coup by a heralded cult figure.

What’s so racial about wanting to give people affordable health care and feed people who are suffering? What’s radical is the Right’s favorite agenda of big tax cuts for the rich, massive military spending and cutting of social programs. By the way, don’t complain about increasing the national debt when it didn’t seem to matter under Ronald Reagan or George W. Bush.

What’s lame is a Republican response to a health crises and election that crippled and divided the country, What’s radical is still supporting and being loyal to someone who only cares about himself and will throw anybody “under the bus” (i.e. Pence or the insurrectionists themselves) because you’ve been brainwashed into delusion or fear political backlash.

The fact that Trump could possibly run again and he hasn’t been totally ousted from the political scene is concerning. A fair weather President, Trump was faced with a major crisis and tried to brush it under the rug,” faltering and failing miserably, eventually ignoring it and hitting the golf course instead.

Trump inherited a good economy at the outset and his trade war with China only strained relations with that country while pushing the burden on to the U.S. consumer. He never had any reasonable health care proposal, didn’t believe in global warming because he profits from coal and oil production, and he couldn’t even complete the wall which was his signature promise, besides getting Mexico to pay for it.

If there was ever a more corrupt, fraudulent, dishonest Commander in Chief, I can’t think of one. I’m just glad to see a return to democratic principles and a fair, honest, decent man in office for at least the next four years. Maybe some of the destruction can be reversed.

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