The start of a new year is the time for that annual exercise in futility known as the making of New Year’s resolutions. We seldom keep them for long, if at all, but the process makes us feel virtuous so I’ll continue the practice. Since the ruling class is far too busy to engage in it, I’ll offer a few suggestions for them.

The latest congressional approval ratings stand at 22% and has dipped to as low as 16% this past year. That’s pretty pathetic, Congress. You have to try harder. Here’s a simple way to boost that average. Spend a little more time reaching across the aisle and seeking compromises and a little less time in attack mode. The public is really tired of confrontational government and smashmouth politics and wants to see serious legislative solutions to the many serious problems facing us like border security, crime and inflation.

The second recommendation, if followed, may also goose approval records a little. At least it couldn’t hurt. Spend less time in campaign mode, fund-raising and foreign boondoggles and more time doing what you were elected to do in Washington.

The remaining resolutions apply to all politicians. Remember that you were elected to represent or govern all the citizens under your jurisdiction, not just members of your own party. That includes all those who voted for your opponent or who didn’t vote at all and even those who said mean things about you.

The fourth resolution is to recognize that it isn’t wrong or selfish to want secure borders. No nation can be really secure or properly protect its citizens without them. Ours are not secure and, consequently, drugs, diseases and criminals are pouring across, putting our citizens at risk. It’s not enough for Republicans to just complain about this. They must propose workable solutions. Here’s one that many countries have found successful. Put the rights of the citizens and their nation ahead of the rights of the immigrants. The fifth suggestion, then, would be to militarize the border since nothing else appears likely to work for long. So, If the National Guard isn’t too busy, could it please spend some time guarding the nation’s borders sort of like the Coast Guard guards the coasts? Please don’t tell me that the posse comitatus doctrine prevents law enforcement by the military. This is an invasion, folks, not a law enforcement incident. The Border Patrol tries but is mainly just directing traffic.

Number six is to recognize that the path to racial harmony in American is to fulfill Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream of a land where persons are judged, not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. We must achieve a colorblind America. That means the color of one’s skin never matters for any reason. Not even for college admissions, Harvard and Stanford. No need to celebrate every time a person of color achieves something because it really shouldn’t be news anymore. People of color have already distinguished themselves in every role that matters in America. And by the way, if black is a color, isn’t white a color also? Aren’t we all, therefore, people of color? Every life matters because every life is precious to God. That includes police officers. Until we restore respect for the law and the peace officers who enforce it, there will be no peace.

Resolution seven is to work for election reforms that speed the vote-counting process and restore confidence in the integrity of our elections. Shorten periods for voting by mail and require that election results be announced by the close of business the day after election day. If some states can manage to do this, all states should be able to. A valid photo ID card should be required of all voters. Claims that this would restrict minority turnout because of greater difficulty in obtaining photo ID are simply bogus and insulting to minorities.

Resolution eight is to recognize that a lack of political experience or identifying as an anti-establishment outsider come to drain the swamp is a cause for skepticism, not a sign of virtue. Candidates for high office will benefit from some political experience, particularly in an executive role in government. Candidates for president should have first demonstrated the ability to govern a state or large city before presuming to govern the world’s largest economy and superpower.

Number nine is the need to accept the fact that in order for our nation to ensure that it will continue to remain the world’s leading economy and pre-eminent superpower will require significantly more investment in our military and particularly in our navy and air force. America and Americans would not prosper in a world where the People’s Republican of China governed by the Communist Party of China displaces us in this role and sets the rules for coexistence.

Finally, ask yourself daily “How can I help make America even grander?” The answer is by putting the good of the nation ahead of my political career. It’s been a chaotic year and the people long for normalcy. Hopefully, 2023 will be saner. God bless each of you and God bless America. Happy New Year.

VOL. 112, NO. 52 - Dec. 28, 2022

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