This is strongly worded because the Port continues to fail to understand Coronado residents’ determination to protect our historic island’s Bay Front.

We will never accept a parking garage, any more buildings above one story, development of the open space east of Il Fornaio, a hotel, or enlarging the red-roofed commercial buildings.

Reminder: Our waterfront is a public asset the Port is charged with managing in the public’s best interests. It is not the Port’s Cash Cow.

The San Diego Bay Front has been pillaged for private interests. The Port of San Francisco Waterfront Plan, developed by 28 citizens appointed by elected officials, working over a five-year period, is a successful guideline. First the working waterfront is protected: fishing, shipbuilding and repair, break bulk and container cargo docks, cruise ship and excursion boat terminals, ferry boats, the maritime museums, yacht mooring, clubs and commercial services devoted to water related activities, and above all the U.S. Navy. Next, a little of the waterfront’s rough history is preserved--like not taking out the much-loved Anthony’s. San Diegans were so saddened by that offense.

After destroying Anthony’s, the San Diego Port’s two worst moves are the ball park which is turned so the seats face bland buildings instead of the expansive bay vistas, and the Convention Center, which could be anywhere, but is walling off a huge expanse of maritime views.

So, this is the message: Hands off Coronado’s much loved Bay Front, until there is understanding of and sensitivity for the wishes of this unique island home town.

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