The November 3rd Eagle & Journal had a letter which made an accusation, not inference, that asks the question, [what kind of people (or person)] “takes videos of a local office holder and her children and menacingly posts them on their website.”

The claim, made purposefully as an accusation of intemperate public conduct, is not true. The video in question was of a public official participating in a public political advocacy demonstration. There was nothing improper in either the trustee’s attendance or in videoing the event. The official in question chose to march with her children. It was originally proudly posted on the website of a local social-justice political advocacy group, InclusioNado.

It was reposted to document the actions of a public official who, in an official, not personal capacity, condemned students in the schools she was elected to oversee of “racism, classism and colorism;” she did this with full knowledge that the perpetrator precipitating the unfortunate tortilla throwing actions was a local political activist; a political activist who participated in that same advocacy march with the trustee; a man with whom the trustee had direct personal contact immediately following the championship basketball game events. This man confessed to the trustee his personal culpability.

In a similar abuse of truth, the CUSD Superintendent of Schools, when asked about the origins of the “No Place for Hate” program “re”presented it as a club. This was not true. “No Place for Hate” was an administration initiative, chosen, presented and moderated by staff. It was not a student club. It was manipulatively reverse-engineered to become a club only after it was challenged by parents.

We all understand the concept of the “power of story” and witness every day that untruths repeated often enough become truth. Let’s hope that this is the last time someone has to set the record straight for the Coronado community.

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I think it vital that the story be correct in order to provide proper background and context. Both the video and the club story when provided all the background detail information leave a different impression. Controlling the "narrative" is key! A good journalist would want to uncover all the facts, and then let the reader come to their own conclusions. Unfortunately we have many in the news professions who want to propagate a theory. All relevant information from all sides should be shared.


They are playing the victim card after engaging in slander and group libel against students, resulting in death threats against students.

This is standard ADL tactics that have infiltrated your school system.

They cry out as they attack you and your kids... calling you racists who need to be re-educated.

They call you too stupid to make decisions for your own children and your own family. They are hostile, but call you hostile.

It's called DARVO tactics; Deny, Attack, Reversing the Victim and the Offender.

Remove these corrupt criminals from the school board!!!

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