Sometimes, even when they try to seem fair, folks with extreme bias just can’t help revealing it; flaunting it. Recently, a reader referred to a piece I wrote, in which I reported on the tragic death of Mary Jo Kopeckne. Nice to realize someone took time to read it. Unfortunately, when relaying my sentence, this person added the word ‘apparently.’ No sir, I must correct that. There was nothing apparent about how and why Mary Jo Kopeckne died. It is fact. If it had been your daughter, would you cavalierly describe the irresponsible drunk driver by saying, “Fifty years ago, Ted Kennedy did a bad thing”? This “bad thing” killed a young girl. The 50 years do not make it less tragic.

Those who shout, demanding justice, do not seem to want justice applied equally. That becomes clearer with each news cycle, “Rules for thee but not for me”, is becoming a frightening fact. Notice liberals, and even Democrats in Congress never use modifiers such as, allegedly or apparently when addressing “bad things” conservatives and Republicans are accused of doing. Judged and declared guilty, with out even a scintilla of proof presented.

In 2012, Senator Harry Reid, (D) Nevada, stood on the floor of the Senate and stated as fact, Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney had not paid taxes for ten years. Minority Leader Reid did not modify his false accusation with allegedly. Just as with the more recent calumnious accusations from Congressman Adam Schiff against President Donald Trump, no proof was ever produced. Reid’s calumny had been compared to McCarthyism. In an outgoing interview in 2015, Reid was asked if he regretted his slanderous statement. Senator Reid stated, “They can call it whatever they want. Romney didn’t win.” Reid further stated he had no regrets about his false statements. Reid’s lies contributed to Romney’s loss, and the Democrat Senator believes that through his lack of integrity, his means were justified to achieve the end he desired.

The frequent lack of good character exhibited by politicos such as Senators Reid, Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton and Joe Biden (Good old Joe, proudly voting against integrating schools with his mentors, the segregationists, former Klansmen and Dixiecrats), never seems to bother fellow Democrats and liberals claiming to be concerned with social justice. College plagiarism, lying about how many degrees he had when he graduated, class ranking, even stealing part of another man’s life story in campaign speeches failed to bring about a scintilla of embarrassment, or sincere expressions of apology. Angrily challenging voters, who come to hear your platform, to step out side or do push-ups because you don’t like a question they asked; calling a female voter bizarre names because she had the audacity to ask a challenging question is not rational. As Vice President, Joe Biden frequently wished he was still in high school so he could beat up the current president; might that be....odd. Why all the expressions of violence?

Just a few remarkable examples of, “whataboutisms.” It would seem only liberals and Democrats want to be allowed to tap into those”whataboutisms,” while defending their own. It is an easy game to play. I have so many choices. Of course, there are other options. We could fairly discuss the inappropriate behaviors of male and female politicians from all parties. We could also fairly discuss positive accomplishments from some of those same politicians.

And, perhaps we need a commentary Golden Rule. Thou shalt not insert your own modifiers into another person’s sentence.

Thank you

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