If you are puzzled by what and why a sewage plant is in the middle of the golf course? Why there are questions that the projected cost is not correct?

Or why Coronado never joined the other cities in the suit to cleanup our ocean sewage?

Or why the City grants were given to whom?and how was that decided?

Or why you get a ticket for unloading groceries in front of your house when the parking is taken up by tourists?

Or why groups of tourists –unmasked—push by you on Orange Avenue?

Or if you attended a community information meeting and were presented with one side of the situation and no other options? And there was no attempt to answer serious questions? That the “public input” was for show and not for serious information?

Or have you been on a City committee and finished up feeling that it had been a waste of effort and the solutions had already been decided on beforehand?

Can Tim Rohan solve all this stuff? Tim can lead the council to pay attention, demand clear and honest answers, encourage real solutions and try to get the city to tune in to the smart input from our citizens. He is bright, friendly and non-political and willing to step into the ring. And that’s what it takes.

We, as residents, need to step up with him and keep Coronado a good place to live.

Tim Rohan for City Council.


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