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Those Troublesome Trump Tweets

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Posted: Thursday, July 25, 2019 4:58 pm

Sometimes I think that neither President Donald Trump nor the Democrats can stand prosperity. The economy is robust, unemployment at a record low including among minorities, incomes are rising and yes, a rising tide does lift all boats, even if liberals do refer to it as a trickle down economy benefitting too few. Even Mr. Trump’s approval rating is inching up. In spite of an administration described as chaotic, with more personnel turnover than at a fast-food restaurant, things are going quite well for him and that just infuriates his liberal critics.

With the exception of immigration and asylum reform, he’s followed through on most of his campaign promises, something almost unique in politics. All he really has to do for the last fifteen months of his first term is, well, almost nothing except to try to act presidential and above the political fray while the Democrats annihilate each other in the circular firing squad that their campaign for the presidential nomination has become.

And speaking of squads, the four young liberal loonies known collectively as “the squad”, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, alias AOC, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and Ayanna Pressley, who constantly brand Mr. Trump as a racist and call for his impeachment, managed to get under his skin, which really doesn’t take all that much effort. Rep. Tlaib put it in vulgar terms when she told her young son on camera that “we’re going to impeach the m…..f……” Nice talk from a member of Congress, referring to the president of our country. The people of her Michigan district must be so proud of the person that represents them in Congress. Both she and Ms. Omar from neighboring Minnesota have frequently uttered anti-Semitic tropes. AOC (which does not stand for also occasionally crazy) apparently believes she is the new voice of the Democrat party, while House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tries without much success to exert control. For Pelosi’s efforts, AOC condemns her for daring to criticize women of color. Where is it written that women of color - any color - cannot be criticized? However, it is written that members of Congress cannot insult the president of the United States on the floor of the House which Mrs. Pelosi recently did.

Instead of expressing detached amusement at this political comedy and enjoying the self-destruction of the Democrats’ 2020 campaign hopes, Mr. Trump again demonstrated his impulsiveness, quick temper, limited vocabulary and high-school communications skills by tweeting that they, all citizens of the U.S., should go back to where they came from if they don’t like it here. These are the very words that many of our ancestors heard when they first arrived here, legally. Of all the unfortunate choices of words, Mr. Trump probably picked the worst. Instead of being the adult in charge, he descended to the squad’s juvenile level of communications. This is unsatisfactory for a president who must also be a leader. A leader’s most important competencies are judgment and communications skills. Mr. Trump is deficient in both.

His lack of self-control is why I couldn’t vote for him in 2016 and what could easily doom his chances for re-election in spite of his successes. People don’t want a person with so little self-control, short a temper and poor communications skills as their commander-in-chief with his finger on the nuclear trigger, however masterful he may be at making trade deals. He doesn’t seem to have a built-in filter that causes him to hesitate and reflect when he’s angry before he presses “send.” Someone needs to provide it for him, someone who will say, “Sir, let me take a crack at re-phrasing that for you before you make a final decision.”

Lest you think I’m suggesting that the president should apologize to the squad, I’m not. It wouldn’t do any good because they would reject it as insincere. Besides, they have little standing to complain, having accused nearly anyone who disagrees with them as racist. Omar, for example, responded to the tweet by calling the president a fascist, adding to her previous charges that he is a racist, this from one who remains unapologetic for her blatantly anti-Semitic remarks. Here’s advice for young Ms. Omar: Judge people by their actions not by words that can be taken out of context. Accusing people you don’t like or who don’t agree with you of bigotry is the ultimate tool of a demagogue. No one besides Mr. Trump and perhaps his most intimate associates know what is truly in his heart and your calling him a racist doesn’t make it so. The race card has been played over and over by affluent liberal politicians who have no claim to victimhood and it trivializes the valid claims of those who do. I believe that Americans are tired of this demagoguery. I know I am.

The president’s base will defend his stupid tweet as just another case of Trump being Trump and say that this is just the way he communicates. That’s just not good enough because his impulsiveness and clumsy communications constitute a threat to our security in a dangerous world. I don’t think that a majority of voters are anxious to trust this economy and the security of the nation to any of the liberal lightweights vying for the Democrat presidential nomination but neither will they be anxious to trust our security to a man who can’t seem to grow up and act like a president.

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