Before the break of dawn early one Sunday morn many moons ago, I spent three hours stopped atop the Coronado bridge. I was not sightseeing, and my vehicle was not having a moment. Instead, I was stuck in traffic watching a would-be jumper teeter on the edge of forever as authorities tried to talk her out of taking her own life. Tell me about drama!

Since I was in the front row (...where was Bob Uecker?), I had a bird’s-eye view, no pun intended, of the goings-on. The pre-dawn hour was clear and crisp as the sun began to peek out over East County. From my lofty outbound perch at the tippy-top of the span, the sunrise was blinding, but spectacular! By eight o’clock

it had been three hours, and the ongoing negotiating seemed to have no end in sight. Soon one of the police officers on the scene informed us that now that the sun was up, we were all welcome to turn our vehicles around and safely return to Coronado as “wrong-way” drivers if we wished, because as the kind officer put it, “It might be a while before the situation is resolved.” Well, thank

you, Captain Obvious!  

We’d witnessed a wondrous sunrise, and had taken in the awesome view, but now that we had the officer’s blessing, it was high time to exit, stage-west, so to speak. Did Snagglepuss say that? Never mind...

Since I was at the front of the queue, my vehicle would be the last to retreat, and because my van was way too unwieldy to execute a three-point turn, I simply put her in reverse and ever so slowly backed down into town. Oh, what a chore!  

But not nearly so tedious as a police officer’s solemn duty to sympathetically and convincingly converse with an obviously troubled young lady. Thankfully, in the end, she did not take the eternal plunge.  

Call it a job well-handled by the well-trained authorities-that-be. No harm, no foul. And since as usual I’m completely clogged with cheesy cliches (Don’t do it, Eddie. I’m begging you…): All’s well that ends well. Tsk-tsk.

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