Unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly apparent that Karl Mueller and the majority of CUSD board members no-longer reflect the values of this community. Not only are they bound and determined to implement CRT and No Place for Hate against our will, but it appears they are incapable of upholding The Six Pillars of Character or The Eight Keys of Excellence in the process.

“Character Counts!” they declare. Yet “trustworthiness,” “respect,” “responsibility,” “fairness,” “caring,” and the art of “citizenship” don’t seem to apply when you are an attorney, a Doctor of Education, a former Navy captain, or the superintendent of CUSD. “Integrity” has been replaced with dishonesty. “Speaking with good purpose” (honesty) has been replaced with deception. And “ownership” (taking responsibility for what is said and done) has been replaced with denial. 

Unless you’re happy with all the hypocrisy that’s taking place in our school district, enough is enough! It’s time for those who govern our schools to be held accountable to the same sets of standards they impose on our children. Forget all the newfangled buzz words, such as “transparency,” which only exist to cloud matters! Now is the time to demand Karl Mueller and our school board trustees replace their vacuous jargon with the same character-building words and phrases that appear in The Six Pillars of Character and The Eight Keys of Excellence. Words have meanings, and meanings show intention. It’s time for the governing adults of our school district to say what they mean and mean what they say!

It’s also time for each of these so-called adults to grow-up! If they expect our children to follow their “Character Counts!” mantra, then they had better start practicing what they preach. To do anything otherwise makes them hypocrites! The recent mishandling of the Orange Glen incident, for example, highlights the fact that those who govern our schools are unwilling to accept any kind of responsibility for their malfeasance. They were quick to condemn our community and there’s still no apology in sight! Either they are slow learners, or they have no intention of accepting culpability. Either way, it is obvious that learning from their mistakes (“failure leads to success”), is not part of their creed! Just imagine the outburst if our own children behaved with such arrogance at school!

Since “flexibility” of thought and critical thinking skills have been replaced with an inflexible, monomaniacal mindset, an apology is unlikely. Karl Mueller and the majority of school board trustees are more than happy for you and your children to live with the “racist, classist, colorist” label. Why? Because their unwavering focus and “commitment” is to the implementation of their divisive CRT and NPFH agendas, not to our children.

If you’re okay with all this, no worries. But if you’re not, now is the time to challenge the hypocrisy. Now is the time to stand firm and hold them accountable. CUSD needs our children more than our children need CUSD. Their students are our children. Without our children there is no school. And without a school, they have no jobs. Now is the time to remind Karl Mueller and the school board trustees that we are the parents and they answer to us!

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It is becoming increasingly obvious that a relatively small group of people, who are afraid of any honest dialogue around what MULTIPLE students and parents have shared about their experiences with bias and bullying at school, have organized to write letters & make public comments claiming to represent the whole community ("no-longer (sic) reflect the values of this community.") and all parents. You do not.

The values of this community are to respect and care for each member and to engage in respectful, constructive dialogue. When long time residents, students and their parents tell us about being called names including racial slurs, excluded from community experiences and made to participate in school activities where they are not represented or included, whether due to disabilities, color or any other personal attributes, most of us want to listen to them and to look at or consider what we might need to change, in ourselves or our schools which reflect our community. Our community values are actually not name calling, bullying, interrupting, personal attacks and shouting over others who are trying to engage in discussion. You may respectfully disagree with the HOW we are all approaching reflecting on what we've heard, learned and what changes are needed. Instead of tactics such as attacking people personally while simultaneously calling for the virtues of character, why don't you just respectfully suggest what you believe should be utilized instead of NPFH to address the school climate that these parents and students have described (in this very newspaper) as unwelcoming or harmful? Of course you have the right to express your opinion that one programs values are more aligned with your own or, in your opinion, more age appropriate or more appropriate for a public school setting however you have submitted this whole opinion piece with no constructive suggestion or substance, beyond casting aspersions on the school board and educators. You are calling people hypocrites while you are doing the same thing - using DENIAL of what those families shared directly to the school board and DECEPTION in stating that CRT is being implemented when there is no evidence of that (or at least you have not cited any actual evidence of CRT) and DISHONESTY when you say there has been no apology (an apology was directly given by a trustee in the last board meeting, publicly by another and there was discussion about writing one as an agendized item to comply with the Brown Act which is public and the recording is posted as well).

You are clearly not actually interested in any constructive way forward or the community coming together which is interesting since you claim to speak for and care for this community.

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