Consider use of the four letter word “hate” as the basis for an unfair or immoral attitude: When many of the waaaay far-right conservative thinkers and talkers (on the order of Hannity and Limbaugh) run out of defense for the indefensible, they continue to rant that opposing opinions regarding Trump’s behavior, are based on hatred. As though those are shameful thoughts reflecting negatively on any who express them.

Memo to you Trump-no-matter-what supporters: Disgust is not hate. Fear for the future of this country does not add up to hate. Disrespect is not hate. Clear eyed focusing on the truth is not hate. Disdain for stupidity is not hate.

It does appear that the you-liberals-just-hate-him defensive debate tactic is not working, because if the most recent political polls are correct, 60 percent of Americans now look to the November elections to restore sanity throughout the land. However, should that man get any worse at politicizing and mismanaging the current crises, I might work up a little senior citizen hatred after all. Think of the reported number of dead and infected Americans who believed Hannity et al when they declared this epidemic to be a Democrat hoax, so disregarded the safety protocols. These stories by bereaved relatives are beginning to surface.

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