The revised Port Master Plan contains bad news as well as good for the northeast quadrant of Coronado. The good: no new hotel rooms, no new commercial development and respect the City’s 40’ height limit. The bad: a possible 40’ parking garage on First Street and very bad news for those who appreciate the quirky red roofed charm of the Ferry Landing Marketplace buildings: their fate is hanging in the balance.

The revised Port plan would permit the Ferry Landing Marketplace buildings to be demo’d and replaced. It is clear from talking to Port Staff that is what the Port and their tenant would like to do. True, those buildings have been allowed to deteriorate under the current Port tenant who has also permitted them to be defaced with unattractive alterations. And tenant selection has been poor. But those buildings could be restored and refreshed while preserving their signature charm.

As to the garage, the revised Port Plan requires - underline “requires” - a consolidated parking “facility” for both commercial and public parking adjacent to the Ferry Landing. Under the general 40’ height limit the garage could be 4 stories tall.

Do you remember the architectural renderings of a proposed new Ferry Landing Marketplace that were broadly circulated - and published in this newspaper - about two years ago? Everyone who saw them hated them. Those plans represented the vision of the current tenant. Unless the Port hears a great public outcry as they did last year something similar to those plans could be headed our way.

This revised Port Plan is still a proposal and there is still time for to make comments until Nov. 17. Please send your comments to:

Please also send comments to the Port Commissioners:,,,,,,

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