Sometimes there are no easy answers, especially during a once every hundred years pandemic.

On July 13, confronted with a rising number of Covid-19 cases, Governor Newsom issued a new health order that resulted in the second closure for several local businesses and a significant change in operations for all restaurants. The new order targets indoor business operations since, although no outbreaks were traced to any local businesses and relatively few outbreaks were traced to businesses throughout the state, the virus appears to be more easily transmitted indoors.

This is the latest of many changes to the public health orders since March, as state, county and local leaders work to slow the spread of the virus.

In response to the change in health orders, the Coronado City Council unanimously approved the temporary commercial use of select outdoor spaces by local businesses that are currently prohibited from indoor operations. This action is within the parameters of the health order and encouraged by state and county public health officers as there are zero documented cased of outdoor transmission according to county officials.

This action follows other proactive steps the City has taken to protect the public’s health and allow local businesses to remain open.

In addition to opening up public spaces, the City of Coronado updated our signage to inform visitors and guests of the mask requirements back in May, our Coronado Police Officers routinely walk Orange Ave to remind the public about the health orders while distributing masks, and the city to hire a third party to assist local businesses in maintaining compliance with the health orders.

With our strong commitment to protecting the public’s health and helping our business community safely operate, Coronado currently stands with the third lowest number of total cases and the sixth lowest number of cases per capita of the nineteen jurisdictions in the San Diego County region.

Our positive enforcement approach is encouraged by Governor Newsom and was recently called a “great model” by the County of San Diego.

As a representative for the community, I understand these are challenging times for everyone and that there are no easy answers.

So I am asking each of us to come together and continue going above and beyond for one another. Please continue taking extra precautions when among those most at-risk, comply with the orders at all businesses to help them stay open, look for the positive each day and trust that everyone is doing their best given the circumstances.

The City of Coronado remains committed to doing everything in our power to support our entire community based on guiding principles, the data, and the public health orders from the county and state.

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