In a recent commentary in the Eagle-Journal, Mr. Kelly opined that policy trumps personality in the world of politics. In other words, the policies that President Trump would enact if re-elected is more important than the despicable personality he manifests. I disagree. Character counts. Both policy and character are very important. Policy can change but character remains, as always the foundation of the person. In Trump’s case, he is a narcissistic borderline psychotic. He has proved that he is unfit for office, especially the highest office in the free world.

Kelly weekly savages the Liberal Left and turns a blind eye to the dangerous Radical Right. Neither extreme has any chance of gaining traction among Americans who now look to Joe Bidden as the moderate leader to unite our country.

I’m not going to catalogue all the failures of Trump during his presidency. The media has chronicled his missteps for the last four years on all TV news channels, save one, FOX News.

It must be painful for the President to be battered every day in the mainstream media, but recall Trump asked for it when he declared war on the ‘fake’ news media on day one.

The President bristles when he is described as inept, unfit, a loser etc. Trump rises to the bait every time, and fires back inappropriately.

To do Trump justice, he was ill prepared for the presidency. He never spent a day in Congress or any elected position. He prefers to go it alone in foreign and domestic policies, rather than listen to sound counsel.

One side benefit of a Bidden victory in November would be President Trump’s long nightmare in office would be over. The stress on him and his family would dissolve. Trump could finally relax and return to his entrepreneurial businesses. He could write a book declaring all the great things he fantasied he accomplished. He could build his Presidential Library in New York or Florida with a small wall around it paid for by Mexico, of course. He would have more time to golf with his lifetime caddies-the Secret Service.

I, for one, will miss President Trump’s off the cuff speeches. He makes me laugh out loud with his unbelievable hyperbole e.g. “I’m the greatest president since Lincoln, I should be on Mt. Rushmore, no one has ever equaled the crowds I bring to rallies, the number of people at my Inaugural were the greatest ever seen in the history of America.”

But, I won’t miss the petulant President deprecating our military, womankind, immigrants, the handicapped, etc. Should the Republicans lose this election, the world will not end. They will have four years righting our Ship of State, as the Democrats have been trying to do since 2016. o be sure, Trump has made some correct moves. Give me a day or two and I’ll come up with something.

I urge all to vote their conscience. If one feels President Trump is the best man to lead America – of course, vote for him. As Trump would say, “There are good and bad on both sides.” As for me, I can’t vote for the Donald this time around. If I did, I would have to shower before and after leaving the polling booth, and still I would feel unclean.

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