The Democratic House Manager Leader quoted Thomas Paine Revolutionary War Leader, “Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered,” from his book “Common Sense.” The trial was to impeach Trump. These are challenging times and America must stand behind Biden. One man cannot solve America’s most deadly problems, homeless people and child poverty. All injustice must end. Trump tried to abolish the Affordable Care Act and raise the age to receive Social Security to 70, both causing people to suffer, millions of them.

The heroes in the trial were the Republicans and Democrats who voted Trump guilty. The tragedy of Jan. 6 was tyranny because, it was a violent act against the Constitution. It is America’s sacred duty to support bi-partisan legislation, stand behind Biden, and fight until justice is done. I would like to praise the Democratic and Republican leaders voting for bi-artisan legislation. When our heroes pass just laws, America will be great again.

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