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The Impeachment Circus

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Posted: Friday, October 4, 2019 4:25 pm

Perhaps we can all agree on one thing at least. Donald Trump is a very high-maintenance president. He keeps his aides and supporters busy constantly explaining what the president said, or did, or meant. This is a direct consequence of voters, acting with emotion and frustration with politicians and business as usual, nominating and electing a colorful, bombastic, uninhibited TV personality and real estate dealmaker with no experience whatsoever in government or foreign affairs to the highest office in the land and the world. Somehow, wonder of wonders, he managed to win against all odds, largely because of the meddling, not by any foreign government, but by our own FBI Director and a weak campaign by a scandal-tainted opponent.

Voters wanted change in Washington. They got it, all right, and we became an international laughingstock. Be careful what you wish for. Discharging the enormous responsibilities of the president of the world’s only superpower and largest economy is not for amateurs. Mr. Trump is indeed an amateur which he demonstrates nearly every time he speaks or tweets and the biggest wonder of all is that the economy is doing as well as it is. But more than business acumen, this job requires experience in government and a high degree of judgment, intelligence and communications skills, none of which Mr. Trumps often demonstrates. Deal making skills and toughness are not enough and running the U.S. government is not the same as running a business.

Mr. Trump’s massive ego and juvenile communications skills have repeatedly gotten him and his administration in trouble. He is infected with apparently incurable verbal diarrhea and the more he tweets and talks, the more he tends to screw things up. The telephone conversation with the Ukrainian president is just the latest example. He has been urged by countless advisors to control his tendency to blurt out whatever is on his self-centered mind and they often end up being fired or humiliated. He is a living example of the Peter Principle which holds that in a hierarchy every individual eventually rises to his or her level of incompetence.

Having read this far, please don’t get the idea that I’m ready to support any of the clowns currently competing to see who can be the most left-leaning Democrat candidate to replace him with something worse. I don’t vote for the lesser of evils. I am appalled and disgusted, but not surprised, that the Democrats have finally pulled the impeachment trigger which is about the only thing they have to offer the voters besides lots of free stuff. This is an attempt to cancel out the votes of over 63 million Americans who will not take this insult quietly. I didn’t agree with their choice of a nominee, but I do respect their right to choose and I accept the results of that election.

Our system provides that the voters make a choice every four years. Congress can remove a president from office if convicted of high crimes or misdemeanors but not for policies they disagree with, or for blunders, or poor communications skills, or even malfeasance or having oral sex with an intern in the Oval Office. (Bill Clinton was impeached for lying). That’s for the voters to decide every four years. Impeachment efforts begun one year before an election will dominate the entire campaign at the expense of urgent domestic and international issues and concerns that should be deliberated. It will further divide the nation and polarize politics, increasing bitterness and rancor. It makes us appear weak and unstable on the international stage and thus increases security risks. It creates a crisis where none existed except in the minds of those who hate Trump.

Democrats were determined from the start to unseat this duly-elected president who was not supposed to defeat their favored candidate and lady-in-waiting. Shame on them. More than dominating their agenda, it was their entire agenda. They have no real solutions to the nation’s problems besides throwing other people’s money at them. As their candidates have repeatedly said, their number one priority is to defeat Trump but they fear they cannot do it in a fair election. They counted heavily on the Russian collusion theory but it fizzled so they are resorting to the impeachment route. They know full well that the Republican-controlled Senate will never convict Trump, even if the House managed to get articles of impeachment approved, but their real aim is to add to Trump’s re-election woes and increase their own chances.

In my view, the Russians never expected to actually influence the 2016 election. What they really wanted was to sow discontent, distrust in the fairness of our elections and further polarize Americans. They have succeeded beyond their highest expectations with the help of our mainstream media which thrives in such a newsy environment.

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