Over the past few years, some opinion authors seem to suffer emotional distress when discussing anyone who might have an opinion which differs from their own. This hysteria is usually coupled with name calling which can include “fascist,” “Nazi,” “white-supremist,” “homophobe,” “islamophobe,” “misogynist,” and the all-ubiquitous “racist” which essentially applies to anyone who triggers them.

I understand that people have different opinions on a number of issues, but it would be wonderful if those opinions could be expressed in a logical, calm approach which does not involve ad hominem attacks. The name calling does more to show the writer’s inability to make a logical argument than it does to impress the reader.

To make matters worse, the way the words are being used has no connection with the word’s definition. If you must write opinion pieces, please take the time to buy a dictionary and look up words like “fascist,” “homophobe,” or racist before using them to disguise your hate-speech as a logical argument.

The term “phobia” implies an extreme, irrational fear of something. Have you ever truly met anyone who has an irrational fear of any of the terms you routinely spew – or do you simply disagree with them and are unable to control your anger?

Is Donald Trump really a “racist,” “fascist” or “Nazi” or do you just disagree with him on issues you view as important?

VOL. 113, NO. 4 - Jan. 25, 2023

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Well said! There are many examples of this abuse. Some because of the lack of understanding and others because of their purposeful evil intentions. Regardless, the impact is the same. Hopefully we will collectively choose to reject this baseless rhetoric and choose a more civil discourse. Inferring your neighbor is a racist simply because they see another political solution only promotes the hate we would all like to alleviate. God help us

jim orourke

Good points about are declining level of fair and accurate or at least reasonable critiques of each other. I do not that your specific examples of mis-used epithets are all from your point of view which is a conservative one. No mention of the gated hurled at liberals by not just the far right but many of the prior WH resident. Lest you forget these include: libtards, cucks ,commies, socialists, baby killers, satanists, baby eating pedophiles America haters….As to the prior WH resident he may not be a fascist but he does check an number of boxes: authoritarian, created a cult of personality, anti democratic, speaks of renewing the nations greatness ( reminiscent of Germany???), hates the rule of law or lawful transfer of power, reaches out to the extreme white national knuckleheads and the Christian Nationals. He is no there yet but he’d like to go much further. FYI I do not support Biden but Trump is odious to thinking people. A menace to our country.


Our Country has never had anyone as President who even comes close to resembling a fascist like Hitler, although these labels continued to be used. We can discuss policy initiatives, and the results of these policies without name calling. Covid policies enacted by certain States and the Federal Government produced measurable results. Leaders need to be held to account for their decisions. WE have Leaders who chose different paths, and we should be able to examine the results. Open border policies that have resulted in over 5 million illegal entries, and has been coupled with huge increases in fentanyl deaths and a seismic increase in human trafficking should be a conversation we can have without calling each other racist or autocratic. And being Pro-Life is a noble position. Although good people can agree or disagree on abortion, most sane people do not want to have the new Democratic position that would allow or even promote abortion up to the 9 month or even to a living child. Gone are the days of "safe and rare". These positions are extreme. Finally, wanting to have a school system that will not promote or encourage sexual transitions of children should be a safe and normal desire of all voters. Anyone who would allow a viable path for these policies to take effect must be challenged. WE can and should debate social programs that are designed to help the poor and needy, and we can discuss the best ways to provide a ladder for those less fortunate to move up in our society. These ideas bring us together, but we should resist those who want to abuse the system to harm our children, our communities and our families.

These labels only distract us . Perhaps that is why the Media and others use them.


Ms joy to your point that links "open border Policy" with increased fentanyl deaths, you are incorrect. Specifically on the point of who facilitates the importation of fentanyl the Cato Institute among others, across the political spectrum, have studied the data and have found.

(1) Fentanyl smuggling is ultimately funded by U.S. consumers who pay for illicit opioids: nearly 99 percent of whom are U.S. citizens.

(2) In 2021, U.S. citizens were 86.3 percent of convicted fentanyl drug traffickers—ten times greater than convictions of illegal immigrants for the same offense.

(3) Over 90 percent of fentanyl seizures occur at legal crossing points or interior vehicle checkpoints, not on illegal migration routes, so U.S. citizens (who are subject to less scrutiny) when crossing legally are the best smugglers.

Please try to include more facts in your posts and less Newsmax talking points.


Fentanyl is responsible for at least 70 percent of all drug deaths, reports the CDC, which found 37,208 fentanyl deaths in 2020 and 41,587 in 2021 – an increase of almost 12 percent. Even more discouraging is a report by the nonprofit Families Against Fentanyl, revealing fentanyl-related deaths nearly doubled in two years: from 32,754 in April 2019 to 64,178 in April 2021.


The drug cartels are using our Southern Border and now the Northern border to smuggle these drugs. If you want to blame the demand side for this problem, while a young adult or teenager takes a pill for a "good-time" that has been laced with death, and ignore the abrupt change in policy of the Biden Administration that is your call. I am certain you will find many studies to support your positions. But the above referenced deaths and their increases, seem to coincide with policy changes. This should not be a political issue, having young people die at these rates should alarm most descent people. Having the intellectual honesty to consider the major changes in border policy, instead of defending these policies that have also helped to increase human trafficking, and the sexual exploitation of many migrates, combined with the unnecessary deaths of our young people, we should use common sense and connect some dots. It is intellectually dishonest to not see the direct consequence of these policies, and to blame it on " U.S. consumers who pay for illicit opioids" is heartless. "Fentanyl was associated with 77% of adolescent overdose deaths in 2021." The lack of concern is disturbing, yes perhaps our children should not be taking these "death pills" but maybe we should be doing a better job at keeping these "death pills" from our children. Please consider these unsuspecting kids in your analysis.


What policies have changed under Biden that have open the borders as you seem to suggest? My reading informs me that the policies , "the stay in Mexico while requesting asylum "remains in place for example. During a recent hearing in the house senior representatives of the border patrol and ICE and Homeland were asked if the departments funding has decreased, if enforcement policies have changed, in the last 2 years. the resounding answer was no. This seems to suggest there has been little or no change in policy with the change in administration in this area. Apparently the only places immigration policy has changed is on Newsmax and FOX.

I hope you know that Global News Wire is a for profit service that issues press releases from any organization that pays them for that service. The release you provided the link to was released by a charitable organization in LA named the Detox center admirably working in the addiction area. The press release was likely linked with their fund raising efforts.

I'll bet if we wrote a press release announcing George Santos landed on the moon they would publish it for a fee. It does necessarily make it true however.


No matter what is reported, the amount of migrates that we know of, and the amount of increase fentanyl that has also made it into communities and the increases in the younger deaths will never matter to a person who is committed to their political solutions. The facts are easily acquired and understood that the Biden Administration changed many policies and the management of these policies. It was celebrated by those who opposed the Trump border enforcement policies.

Some news accounts suggests that over 4 million additional people are now residing in the USA, that our government is aware of, many others who we are unaware of. Drug over doses from drugs that were brought over this border have also increased. It used to be that American's would see a problem, agree that is was horrible, and then try to find a solution. Your solution is to curb the demand. Many of these drugs deaths come unsuspectingly because of intentional deception of those who are targeting are your kids.

Your refusal to show empathy for the families is heart breaking.

Perhaps if you would get to know someone who has lost a child because of this illegal and mostly preventable crime, you would come to a different understanding. Policies were changed, enforcement was changed, and opportunities were created for Drug Cartels. These are widely accepted facts, most decent people want to help

"Mazzola's family is among the tens of thousands who have lost a child to a drug overdose or poisoning. Officials said those deaths are happening more and more because people are taking drugs without knowing they have fentanyl in them."


Thank you for your lengthy, fact free reply. It provides just the right amount sanctimonious projecting. You studiously avoid specific facts to support your statements and tag me with lack of empathy I suspect because there aren't any facts to be found on your favorite press release site and you have to make up things.

If you check the border patrol website data you would find since June of 21 fentanyl seizures at border crossings are dramatically up. Some see this as a success and others see this as a failure. I would suggest it shows a pay off in our border policy and improvement in the methods used to inspect at crossing points (training of dogs, training of agents etc). I would also suggest it should be motivation to redouble our efforts in the non border crossing areas as like water, criminal activity will migrate to the point of least resistance.


Your total lack of empathy within your commentary, and your unwillingness to connect the dots is sad. You are like others who are unwilling and perhaps unable to be persuaded, even when children's lives are at risk. Many Americans, who are most likely not as "educated" as you, do not need a "study" to know that our border policies, our lack of engagement and demands with Mexico have contributed to this senseless situation. I am uncertain of your motivations, but it is clear the well being of American's is not one.


If you were to say the country should revisit ,with an eye towards improving, our border policy I would suggest many , myself included, would agree. What you have been saying however is changes in our border policy, made by the current administration, have lead to increased in fentanyl importation by people illegally in the country. That just isn't supported by the facts. Bereft of facts supporting your statements you moralistically lecture those that come to the discussion with facts. Your dogged adherence to NewMax/Fox talking points and your apparent inability to broaden your fact free narrow view simultaneously disappointing and frightening.


Fentanyol death increases under Biden Administration


In Fiscal Year 2019, about 2,800 pounds of fentanyl was seized at the border. The following year, that figure capped out at 4,800 pounds of fentanyl seized. By Fiscal Year 2021, which represents most of Biden’s first year in office, fentanyl seizures skyrocketed to about 11,200 pounds. Already, in Fiscal Year 2022 that began October 1, 2021, about 5,300 pounds of fentanyl have been seized at the border.

The figures indicate that fentanyl seizures under Biden, last year alone, have quadrupled since Fiscal Year 2019 when Trump was in office.

jim orourke

copy editor where are you? However, I would like to thank my organic therapist Maharishi Saul Weingarden for removing my unnatural fear of leprechauns and little people in general. Also Dr Drew Pinsky for helping me and Gary Busey get clean, almost.

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