I am a proud 1988 graduate of Coronado High School. While I attended a few school board meetings when I was a teenager, I haven’t started watching our school board meetings regularly until this year. If you have been paying attention to the letters to the editor lately, no doubt you have read letters regarding our school board, as they have been printed in the Eagle & Journal almost weekly since June.

If, by reading the letters to the editor, you have come to the conclusion that something is seriously wrong with our school board, you are indeed correct. To call the school board meetings a circus would be an understatement. What is going on at the school board is an embarrassment for our community.

If you tune-in to watch a school board meeting, you might think you are watching an episode of the “Jerry Springer Show.” The Bravo producers might want to bring in their cameras and start a series called the Real School Board Members of Coronado -- the disgusting spectacle of screaming, yelling, and crying would make for great reality TV ratings, but it is not good for our community.

The ringmaster of this circus is Trustee Whitney Antrim, who was elected to the school board last year. Antrim became a registered voter in Coronado last year, mere weeks before filing papers to run for school board. She won her election and went to work, pushing her own political agenda, and pushing the interests of the students and Coronado families to the side.

A group of Coronado parents organized in the last year to get more involved in school district policy and to advocate for policies that they feel would be best for their children. Rather than working with people who have a different point of view, Antrim has resorted to demonizing them. On Twitter, Antrim said recently, “This is what we are up against - fringe groups terrorizing our community.” During the last board meeting Antrim said that the group has a “Neo-Nazi-affiliated website.” Utterly disgusting language from a school board trustee, directed toward parents in our community.

The meeting had to be cut short because Antrim was crying; the business of the Coronado Unified School District couldn’t be done last week.

This behavior has to stop. Our community is looking for some leadership on the CUSD board to get this mess under control and get back to the business of doing what’s best for Coronado’s students.

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Don't forget that Antrim is friends with Luke Serna and they orchestrated an incident to have your children painted as racists together.

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